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Bachelor in Paradise

The Bachelor’s Sharleen Joynt Gives AshLee Frazier “Crazy Award” For Premiere

Move over, Oscar — Sharleen Joynt is handing out awards for performance now, and her categories are way more fun than “achievement in editing.” So what performances caught the eye of our favorite opera singer from The Bachelor? The most memorable moments on our new favorite trainwreck series, Bachelor in Paradise, of course.

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In her blog for Flare, the Juan Pablo Galavis escapee handed out three awards to the ladies of BiP. So who did top honors, aka “Crazy Award of the Week,” go to? If you didn’t immediately shout AshLee Frazier when we posed that question, we’re not sure which show you watched. Shar crowned AshLee “Queen Crazy” by writing “for her terrifying possessiveness of someone she’s known less than a day.”

In case you didn’t watch the BiP premiere, Ash with a capital L pretty much claimed Graham Bunn as her one and only before either of them even set foot on the beach. Of AshLee’s stake in Graham’s claim, Sharleen goes on to write, “I wanted to send Graham a sponsor gift à la Hunger Games, in the form of a helicopter ride out of there.”

Lacy Faddoul won the award of “Attention Seeker of the Week” for her turn in the ocean with two different guys, Marcus Grodd and Robert Graham, on the same day. Shar noted that the choice to frolic freely with two men wasn’t the problem as much as her need to “make such a spectacle of it” was.

The “MVP of the Week” award for normalcy went to Daniella McBride who, as Shar put it, “seemed like the only relatable chick for miles.”

We can’t wait for tonight’s episode to see who will win Shar’s “awards” this week!

What do you think of Sharleen’s assessment — right on or way harsh? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Sharleen’s Flare blog