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Nikki Ferrell

Nikki Ferrell Calls Elise Mosca “Dumber Than a Box of Rocks,” Ignites Twitter War

No one ever accused Bachelor 18 winner Nikki Ferrell of being afraid to voice her opinions. The current girlfriend of Juan Pablo Galavis has been very vocal about spin-off Bachelor in Paradise, claiming that she won’t watch and calling it a “trainwreck.” But seems like girlfriend did watch this week, and she’s got fighting words for her former Season 18-er Elise Mosca.

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During the episode, JPG’s gal took to Twitter to sound off on Elise’s uncomfortable moments — including not understanding Dylan Petitt’s rejection and giving a long-winded speech at the Rose Ceremony. Nikki wrote, “I don't need to watch Bachelor in Paradise to know Elise is dumber than a box of rocks. But hey at least everyone agrees with me now.” Yeesh, a bit harsh, no?

Twitter mostly agreed that Nikki was a little tough on her former castmate, with some followers saying “I agree but WOW!” and others going so far as to defend Elise with “stop passing judgment” and “you’re one to talk.”

And guess what? This feisty blonde wasn’t about to taking those criticisms. “I’m one to talk? You forget I have a nursing degree. Last time I checked they don’t hand those out to any random idiot,” Nikki fired back at the follower. #stayhumble

Let’s just say that fans did not like that response. “@Nikki_Ferrell is showing her true colours! A real match for @JuanPaGalavis,” one tweeted, and next thing we knew, Juan Pablo himself got in on the Twitter feud action! “You don’t KNOW a thing, so keep watching Bachelor in Paradise to EDUCATE yourself…” the former Bachelor wrote in his trademark alternating caps lock.

We get that the Miami hunk was just sticking up for his lady, but maybe the Bachelor couple should just let this one go? People are always going to say something on Twitter — better to leave it be.

Do you think Nikki and JPG mishandled the situation or were on point? Share your thoughts down below!