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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Ratings: Who Stuck Around For Episode 2?

Did you tune in for Bachelor in Paradise’s second episode last night? The show, which really kicked off with a bang in its premiere week — racoon powwows, stage 5 clingers — followed that up with even more craziness, which we didn’t think was possible. The Mexico-based madness can’t be pinpointed to just one person this time (Elise Mosca, Ben Scott, and Michelle Kujawa really share the blame on this one) but did their poor decisions pay off in the ratings?

In a small way, that’s a yes! Though last week’s tepid (though not disastrous) ratings clocked in at a 1.3 and 5 million viewers, Episode 2 was actually up. Bringing in a 1.4 in the adults 18-49 demo, people were clearly back from the first showing… and then some. You can probably thank the Michelle K. affair cliffhanger for that one.

Credit: ABC/Agustin Murillo    

Not only that, but a little under 100K more viewers tuned in, bringing us up to 5.1 million who were blessed enough to witness Elise fail to pick up on normal social cues, as Dylan Petitt rejected her. Girlfriend, we don’t want to get all cliche and say “he’s just not that into you,” but… yea.

Luckily, the schoolteacher can take comfort in the fact that her show is holding up in viewership — though maybe that’s a bad thing (more witnesses). At least she’s got Chris Bukowski to comfort her in Episode 3. Plus, she’s not the only one who put on a poor showing this week…

Nothing was more disastrous than Michelle K.’s behind the scenes affair gone wrong. The self-eliminated contestant carried on an off-screen romance with one of the BiP sound guys, and when they were found out, the silly, silly man opted to jump off the balcony — breaking both feet! — rather than admit to their hookup. Was hiding under the bed really not an option?

We don’t know how those evil genius producers and cast are going to top themselves next week, but we have no doubt that they will!

Are you surprised to hear that numbers were up? What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Tvbythenumbers