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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 8 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 16, “La La Land”

The crazy train pulled into the station and made an extended stop on last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3. Mimi Faust did a little digging on her boyfriend Nikko after he admitted to a shocking discovery. Karlie Redd channeled her anger toward Yung Joc in a different direction. Stevie J. finally owned up to his fling with Althea Heart, while wife Joseline Hernandez took online jabs at Benzino’s fianceé.

So what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Mimi learns she’s Nikko’s mistress. Picking up precisely where we left off last episode, Mimi grapples with the revelation that Nikko is married. Though Nikko tries to assure Mimi she’s the only woman he’s interested in, Mimi is not pleased with Nikko’s nonchalant attitude about the matter with him accusing Mimi never asked him if he was married. He says he’s planning on getting a divorce, but doesn’t have any clue when. Mimi finally throws in the towel and storms out of Nikko’s apartment.

2. Benzino doesn’t want a prenup. Benzino has a bachelor party and invites Kalenna Harper’s husband, Tony, Kirk Frost, and Stevie. At the bachelor party, Benzino tells Kirk he’s not getting a prenup since it gives the impression that his marriage might not last — and his love for Thi Thi is infinite. Kirk makes no further objections and wishes Benzino the best. Moments later, Zino takes the floor at the strip club and announces that he’s making Stevie J. his best man, and Stevie is happy for the honor. Stevie then tells Zino that he’s going out to L.A. to work on some music with Snoop Dogg and invites Zino along.

Much later, Benzino says Stevie un-invited him to the trip because of Joseline. Benzino thinks Stevie is wasting his time on Joseline’s career and he’s tired of going back and forth in their friendship because of her. Thi Thi reveals to Benzino that Joseline’s been throwing tons of shade toward her on social media and even threatened to put her hands on Althea. Benzino tells Althea to not worry about, but then secretly jumps online to respond to Joseline’s snide remarks.

3. Karlie gets her revenge. After seeing Yung Joc at the fashion show with his “friend” Khadiya, Karlie decides to take the ultimate revenge by hitting Joc where it hurts — with their music. Karlie invites both Rasheeda Frost and Kalenna Harper to the studio to let them know that after her breakup from Yung Joc, she bought the record they were working on and replaced Joc with rapper Young Dro. While Kalenna and Rasheeda aren’t sure if Karlie’s decisions are personal or professional, Karlie admits she made the move for personal reasons, but attempted to contact Joc over their business plans with no success. Kalenna and Rasheeda commend Karlie for taking the reins, but are worried this move could harm her in the long run.

4. Mimi reveals the truth about her tape. Still shocked her boyfriend is actually married, Mimi meets up with Erica Dixon and Ariane Davis to speak with them about the betrayal before they hear it anywhere else. Mimi tells the two the news; they say they’re sorry for all the craziness. Then Ariane mentions the sex tape and asks if she thinks Nikko leaked the tape. Mimi then reveals that while part of her sex tape was homemade, the company asked for the couple to film additional scenes to make the tape marketable. Erica and Ariane ask Mimi why she never previously admitted to the take having some production and Mimi says she didn’t think she had to divulge the info.

Erica and Ariane then speculate that Nikko totally set Mimi up to make the tape and that he never cared about Mimi or her daughter and essentially ruined her with this sex tape. Mimi asserts that no one is helping her with her daughter, and she stands by her decision to release the tape for money and storms out, offended.

5. Tammy Rivera gets her fertility checked. Waka Flocka Flame and wife Tammy feel the sting of loneliness when Tammy’s daughter, Charlie, goes to visit her father for the summer. Tammy suggests to Waka that they start their own little family, and check out if their parts are in working order. Waka is adamant against going in to have his “boys” checked, but Tammy tells him to not worry about it.

Later on, Tammy takes her mother-in-law, Deb Antney, to the fertility clinic and has a full analysis done. Tammy is in good health and able to have kids, which is troubling since the couple have been trying for a kid with no success thus far. Doctors suggest that Tammy bring Waka in for testing especially since Waka has been on medication after being shot.

6. Stevie comes clean… kinda. Stevie and Joseline are out in L.A., and Joseline is excited to be in a new atmosphere and is happy Stevie is introducing her to musical giants like Snoop. Stevie meets with Snoop to talk to him about his conflicting feelings. Stevie finally admits to having a fling with Althea, adding that they had a rendezvous at Benzino’s house! Snoop tells Stevie he needs to come clean to Benzino about Althea and encourages him to tell Joseline first. Stevie’s nervous to tell Joseline, saying that he’s hurt her enough already.

When the time finally comes for Stevie to drop the bomb on Joseline, he gets cold feet.

7. Karlie breaks the news to Joc. Karlie invites Joc to the video shoot for what used to be their joint song, “Heartbreakers.” When Joc arrives on set, Karlie tells him she bought the song from the producer and removed him from the track completely. Joc, though initially bothered, isn’t completely upset, since he claims Karlie only has partial rights to the song that he essentially worked to create. Leaving the set, Yung tells Karlie to make sure the song is a success so that he can walk away with his cut as well. Karlie tells Joc that he will never get a cut of anything.

8. Mimi learns she was a pawn. Mimi decides to dig deeper into her boyfriend’s dealings and reaches out to Nikko’s former best friend, Johnny Chrome. Johnny tells Mimi he believes that Nikko stopped being friends with Johnny after he realized that Mimi could be his next opportunity. When Mimi questions Johnny about Nikko’s marriage, Johnny says Nikko is very much married and in love with his wife that he’s been with for almost a decade. He also tells Mimi he didn’t say anything before because he was unsure of Nikko and Mimi’s relationship.

Mimi then brings up the sex tape, and Johnny tells her Nikko is quite calculating and that the tape wasn’t “leaked” by accident. He tells Mimi that in the past, Nikko mentioned the idea of getting Mimi on camera before she willingly participated in their tape. At this point, Mimi is in utter shock and declares Nikko her enemy.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 finale airs Monday, August 18, at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

Were there any other WTF moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 16: “La La Land”? Tell us in the comments below!