Bachelor in Paradise: Marquel Martin Says Michelle Money Drinks Too Much!
Credit: ABC/Francisco Roman    
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Marquel Martin Says Michelle Money Drinks Too Much!

As we all know, Bachelor in Paradise is basically just an excuse for emotionally traumatized Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects to makeout with each other while bonding with raccoons (looking at you, Clare Crawley), tanning, and drinking — on repeat. These poor souls literally have nothing else to do in "paradise,” other than attack innocent coconuts with rocks and drink all the free liquor that Chris Harrison gives them. So we were slightly shocked in August 11’s Episode 2, when Marquel Martin took Michelle Money to task for boozing.

First of all, the dude's timing could not have been worse. For some inexplicable reason, Marquel chose to wait until the pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail hour to impart his words of unwanted wisdom onto Michelle (who had the power to deflower him), saying "I think you like to drink. I have to be honest with myself, and be like ‘OK, is that OK with me?’ I don't know. Right now, it's not."

Obviously, Michelle was super offended that Marquel implied that she's some sort of drunk who spends her days wasted on Love Potion No. 9 (aka Franzia), and for a while it seemed like Marquel wouldn't get her rose. Yet, despite the Cookie Monster's accusation, Michelle ended up calling Marquel's name during The Rose Ceremony, simply saying "Thank you for opening up to me this week."

So, lesson learned? You can totally get away with questioning someone’s drinking habits on national television.

Are you surprise that Michelle still gave Marquel a rose despite the fact that he shaded her moments before the ceremony? Sound off below about this important worldly issue!