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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Comic Book Spoilers, Issue 130: Baby’s Name; Negan, Magna Status; Talking Zombies?

*Warning: Spoilers ahead from The Walking Dead comic book Issue 130, which just came out on August 13*

Previously in The Walking Dead comic book series ... cool new character Magna and her group went into the jail cell and met Negan. He made a pitch to be saved because Rick Grimes and company are such animals and Negan was being tortured, blah blah wah wah. Some readers wondered if Magna would fall for his tricks. But she's not the leader of her group for nothing. In Issue 130, we see Magna tell Negan she knows he's lying, because she knows what being tortured really looks like. She drops the mic and her group walks away. No easy rescue for you, Negan!

So Magna passed a big test. She will not be relegated to annoying female character hell. Not yet anyway, thank Kirkman.

Speaking of female characters — two more to talk about. First, we learn in this issue that Maggie Greene's son with Glenn is named after his grandfather: Hershel Jr. (Awwwww.) Mini Hersh is about 2-years-old now, since "A New Beginning" went two years into the future, after "All Out War." You can see Hershel with his mom on the cover of Issue 132. And look at him sleeping in this still from Issue 130! Oh, Glenn... you're not gone on TV yet, but you are missed in print. (Maggie looks good now, though. Like the hair.)

Credit: Skybound    

But where's Michonne? She hasn't been seen since "A New Beginning" started. She's presumably with Ezekiel at The Kingdom, but it would be nice to get an update, since it's been two years. There are also a lot of "Talking Dead" jokes out there after this issue, since newbies Ken and Marco heard voices in the herd of zombies. Hence the cover image and Marco’s line "There were whispers and I was afraid." Can the dead really talk? Was a person disguising himself in the herd? Is Marco hearing voices? Are the walkers evolving? Hmm…

Anyway, now we know Magna is not that naive and we know what to call the baby instead of Mini Glenn. It’s good to have another Hershel around, and with those combined genes, this kid should be a ZA powerhouse.

Carl Grimes and blacksmith Earl Sutton are on the cover of Issue 131 ("A Journey Begins") which will be released on September 10. None of this stuff has much of a link to the TV show at this point, although we should be heading into the Alexandria Safe-Zone for the first time in the second half of Season 5. Then we may see some of this material on screen in, what, Season 9 maybe? Maybe have Glenn meet Negan and Lucille in the Season 6 finale or start of Season 7, do the Carl/Negan stuff in Season 7, war in Season 8 and do the two-year jump around Season 9?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.