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Bachelor in Paradise

Jason and Molly Mesnick: Everyone on Bachelor in Paradise Looks Dumb and Crazy!

Pssst! We’re gonna let you in on a little secret — we don’t watch reality television because we feel like it makes us any smarter, outlines socially acceptable ways to deal with the world, or demonstrates all that is right with our culture. We watch it because it’s entertaining, sometimes crazy, and usually WTF! awesome. But apparently Jason and Molly Mesnick expect a little more from their guilty pleasures than we do.

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On their podcast, the Mesnicks pointed out that Bachelor in Paradise is sort of making everyone in the cast look “crazy” and “really dumb.” We’re going to have to agree to disagree with one word there: “everyone.”

Aside from looking super judgy, Marquel Martin seems to have his head on his shoulders. Michelle Money has done nothing to lose our love, and Sarah Herron is the voice of reason. Graham Bunn has attracted crazy, but that’s not the same as being crazy, and apart from being sad that his makeout partner made out with someone else in front of him, Robert Graham is hanging in as a reasonably level-headed guy we wouldn’t mind sharing a Corona with.

Clare Crawley looks a bit silly for talking to a raccoon, but we hope — we hope — viewers know she was really chatting with a producer and that the raccoon was a result of brilliant editing. And Zack Kalter enjoyed a day trip and a makeout sesh with Clare, so he looks nothing but sane to us!

The other peeps we didn’t mention (Elise Mosca, Dylan Petitt, Marcus Grodd, Lacy Faddoul, AshLee Frazier, Ben Scott, Michelle Kujawa, Chris Bukowski), well… Molly and Jason said it, not us! Specifically Molly said, “The crazies came out!” That’s why we watch, though, isn’t it guys? Or is it just us? There’s a reason they don’t make reality shows starring our mothers or pastors…amiright?

Jason worries no one will go on the show next season if the editing keeps making them look so bad to which Molly replied, “who are we kidding? People love being on TV.” So there you go: Unfair editing or no, there are probably members of Bachelor Nation dying to be the next to YOPO.

What do you think of the Mesnick’s comments? Tell us below.

Source: Jason and Molly’s podcast