Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Says Kaiser Is Gifted: “I Have an Advanced Baby”

You guys, our theories have been realized. Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans's bouncing baby boy, Kaiser Griffith, is a super-gifted genius, poised to take over the world from Blue Ivy Carter and North West any day now.

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Facebook    

We knew Kaiser was special from the moment he casually flashed the peace sign for the camera while being draped over his mama's shoulder, but this one-month-old is already holding his head up, y'all. Clearly he's inherited her daddy Nathan Griffith's superior neck muscles.

The problem? Haters keep hating, and Jenelle's army of naysayers think it's a bad idea that she's putting Kaiser in a Bumbo seat — a plastic chair that props babies into a sitting position.

Apparently, these worried guys and dolls fear for Kaiser's neck, but it's like, don't you people understand that he is built like a superhero? He could probably bench press the weight of an entire hater by now.

So, what does Jenelle have to say? So much, guys. So much. "Lmfao 'KAISER DOESNT NEED TO BE IN A BUMBO SEAT!'" she tweeted. "Uhm.. He's been holding his own head up for 2 weeks now..."

Kaiser's definitely on the young side for independent head-holding, but Jenelle isn't worried. "I guess I must have an advanced baby," she mused.

Amen to that! It's actually great that Jenelle's expanding Kaiser's horizons! It's important that babies spend time off their backs (aka tummy time!) for their development, and the Bumbo chair could help.

"Yeah let me keep Kaiser in bed or laying down 24/7 so he has a flat head..." Jenelle continued. "Right but I kno nothing about parenting..."

Do you think Jenelle's preemptively plopping Kaiser into a sitting position, or does his genius status make him a special case? If you have experience with kiddos, sound off below!