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Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris Calls Marquel Martin’s BiP Behavior a “Complete Turn Off”

We can always count on our girl Jillian Harris to tell it like it is. The former Bachelorette and straight from the heart blogger took to her site this week to blog Bachelor in Paradise’s totally bats—t second episode, and she had some choice words for one unlikely contestant: normally beloved fashionisto Marquel Martin!

Credit: ABC/Francisco Roman    

What’s bothering Jillian about the fan favorite this week? That would be his treatment of showmantic partner Michelle Money — namely that he insinuated the single mom might have a drinking problem. Gasp!

“Marquel telling Michelle that he would change things about her … like her love of drinking, was a COMPLETE turn off,” the Bachelorette chides. “You should never say that there are things you would change or prefer to be different about anyone! It’s just rude!”

No argument from us on that. Though we weren’t in paradise with this crazy crew, after watching them all down shots and coin the term YOPO this week, it doesn’t make sense to single out Michelle M. for her boozing behavior. In fact, M-squared called out Marquel for it on Twitter this week, proving that even Prints Charming partook in some revelry south of the border.

As for Jilly, it appears she doesn’t hold a grudge against the handsome sponsorship salesman. In fact, Marquel is still pretty cool in her eyes! “However, he is sweet and darling, so hopefully it will all work out!” the sweetheart finishes her rant.

Hey, as long as Michelle is over it, consider it water under the bridge for us. #TeamMoney.

Do you agree with Jillian that Marquel was out of line? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Jillian Harris’ Blog