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R&B Divas L.A. Season 2, Episode 5, “Diva in Denial” — Here’s What Went Down!

The divas are making professional and personal moves in the latest episode of R&B Divas L.A. Season 2. The Divas meet with a big time record producer for the Puerto Rico project but all is not what it seems. Chrisette Michele is finally able to begin working on her next album, which her label is not funding. Meanwhile, Michel’le’s performance at the Martin Luther King Day parade hits a serious snag that brings on an intervention by Lil’ Mo and Leela James, and Chanté Moore has a little bit of shade thrown her way.

Here’s what went down on Season 2, Episode 5, "Diva in Denial":

1. The divas’ demands are met. Claudette Ortiz calls the divas to her home to deliver the news that, after speaking with the director of the Puerto Rican project, their demands were not only met, but exceeded with the addition of big-time producer Warren Campbell at the helm of the project. The ladies are elated — particularly Chrisette, because she now has an excuse for boyfriend Justin to leave the project without causing additional tension. Chanté chimes in that she’s ready to start recording and the divas agree to setting up a schedule to get the ball rolling.

2. Chrisette has to bankroll her Opus. Chrisette talks with her momager, Linette, about the progress of her new album, Lyricist Opus. Linette tells her that it appears the record label will not fund her project, so she’s going to have to pay for it all out of pocket. This, of course, puts pressure on Chrisette to work twice as hard and the singer arranges to have a creative session to get started on her Opus.

3. Michel’le’s MLK Parade meltdown. Michel’le invites the divas to her performance at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade on in Crenshaw. On the day of the parade, Michel’le is told that her 15-minute set was extended to 30 minutes. The singer receives a list of songs to perform, but ultimately starts to lose her cool and unravel. The divas try their best to calm Michel’le down, but the singer continues to vent. Michel’le pulls it together enough to hit the stage, but as she starts to sing, everyone realizes that the sound is completely terrible. In the middle of her set, Michel’le walks off stage to recollect her thoughts, and sings her classic hit, “Something In My Heart” to the delight of her fans and the divas.

4. Lil’ Mo and Leela voice concerns. Lil’ Mo calls over Leela to voice her concerns over Michel’le’s crazed moment during the MLK parade event. Leela agrees that Michel’le appeared to have been babbling and she thinks that it’s more than just the “normal” crazy. The two divas agree to have a small intervention with Michel’le to get to the heart of some of her issues.

Later, Lil’ Mo and Leela invite Michel’le to Mo’s home and talk with her. Michel’le admits to crying often, but says that she has abandonment issues and that she feels everyone she loves eventually leaves her. Mo and Leela grow emotional and tell Michel’le that they love her, but she continues to cry saying that she can’t catch herself from falling. Michel’le thanks Leela and Mo for their concern and tells them that she’s been self-medicating. Both Leela and Mo tell her that she needs to see professional help for her clinical depression and even offer to stay with her from time to time when she needs the help.

5. Chrisette begins work on the opus. Chrisette meets with pianist Will Wesson and their jam session ends on a great note. She later meets with several professional horn players and has a bit of difficulty trying to direct the musicians. However, after a couple critiques, Chrisette finally gets the sound she’s looking for and is over the moon about the results. As the session comes to an end, Chrisette’s concerns go from the sound of her music to wondering just exactly how she’ll bring it to the masses.

6. Michel’le seeks help. Michel’le finally meets with a therapist, who explains the process. She then asks Michel’le a stream of questions which reveals that her childhood was unstable. Michel’le recalls that she was sent to live with her dad at an early age, who then sent her to live with an aunt because her step-mom did not like her. She goes on to say she regrets not going to the funeral of her grandmother, who starved herself to death.

7. Warren lays down the law. The six divas finally meet with Warren to start working on their songs for the Puerto Rico project. The ladies tell him they already have some of song written; however, they fail to remember most of it when they perform it for him. Warren tells the ladies he’s open to working on what they have, but he’s also thinking of writing one song and singing it two ways, since there are six voices to work with. The ladies all agree and Mo says she wants Warren to lay down the law, since the only person in the group who currently has a song on the radio is Chrisette. Chanté, taking offense, says that she also has a song on the radio, but Mo rebutts that she hasn’t heard it or checked the charts, where Chanté’s song holds the No. 17 slot.

Moving on, Warren declares that having six leads is just too much, so he requests for Chanté to bring her “sexy, lush” vocals for the background of the track. Chanté doesn’t necessarily agree with the idea of not being lead, but Warren insists the ladies must put their egos aside to produce a record successfully.

What did you think of the latest episode of R&B Divas L.A. Season 2? Sound off in the comments below!

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