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Braxton Family Values Season 4 Premiere — What Did You Think?

Last night was the Season 4 premiere of Braxton Family Values and, boy, aren’t we glad our favorite singing siblings have returned? On last night’s premiere, “Bright Lights, Big Breakdowns,” The sisters head to New York City for Toni Braxton’s return to the Broadway stage in After Midnight, and of course a little drama follows.

Toni has quite a few jitters about the music and choreography she has to learn (in a short amount of time). Menawhile, Tamar makes her grand entrance announcing that it’s her birthday and she intends to have a party where she expects to be showered with gifts.

Later, sisters Trina, Traci, and Towanda Braxton take a trip with their parents, Evelyn and Michael, to pick out a cake for Tamar. This is especially tempting for Evelyn, who is a fan of sweets but is diagnosed with diabetes. As Evelyn does a bit of taste testing, Michael becomes exceptionally flirtatious with his ex-wife, to her chagrin.

The night of Tamar’s birthday dinner, Tamar is upset that Toni is unable to attend (due to a lupus flare up), but she moves past it when she sees Trina kissing her “ex”, Gabe Solis. Tamar is initially confused, but Trina confirms that she and Gabe have been working things out for a couple months. Moments later, Trina and Towanda give a speech in Tamar’s honor, and Tamar grows emotional when Traci tells her baby sister that she looks up to her.

However, the night takes an unexpected turn when Tamar’s friend Charles says that she’s been the same person over the years, despite what some people say. Trina coughs, and Tamar looks back at her sisters to tell them that it wasn’t meant towards them. Towanda isn’t buying it and asks Charles what he means, and if he’s been in Tamar’s life from the very beginning. Tamar tries her best to diffuse the situation and thanks all her guest for coming out to celebrate her 37th year of life.

Toni kills on her opening night and the family meets with her to celebrate her success. During the conversation, Tamar brings up the notion that Babyface’s daughter is a “Tamartian,” and when Toni asks Tamar was a “Tamartian” is, and Towanda responds a with a “rude child on Twitter.” Tamar takes offense to Towanda’s comment, and Towanda responds that some of her “Tamartians” wished for her children to be abused. Tamar rebutts with the notion that Towanda did something for fans to react that way, but several of the sisters jump in to say that Tamar shouldn’t justify rude behavior. Evelyn and Toni stay out of the fray, but the next day Toni brings it up again at a family dinner.

She tells her sisters that she didn’t like their behavior from the night before, and Tamar says she didn’t like her sisters’ behavior during her birthday dinner. Toni, ignorant of what happened, gets a recap from Trina on the back and forth between Towanda and Tamar’s friend, Charles. Tamar thinks that Towanda feels guilty for how she’s been treating (shady comments, etc.) Tamar, while Towanda thinks Charles was speaking about them, since Tamar felt the need to say he wasn’t. The sisters have a bit of back and forth and finally Toni excuses herself, saying she refuses to take all the negative energy with her on stage.

Not long after, Tamar decides that she’s going to leave rather than continue to argue with Towanda. Trina tells her baby sis to stay, but Tamar is unmoved. When Trina talks of how unsettling it is that the sisters can never resolve anything, Towanda responds that she’s tired of keeping it all together.

Growing angrier by the second, Towanda says that she thinks no one cares about how she feels, and her rage spills out in her slamming the dinner table, smashing wares, and storming off. Trina holds Michael as she breaks down in tears, and Traci runs after Towanda to make sure she’s OK.

As you can see, the drama’s really ramped up this year, and from the looks of next week’s trailer, it’s only getting started.

A new episode of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, August 28 at 9 p.m. ET on WE TV.

What did you think of last night’s Braxton Family Values Season 4 premiere? Tell us your thoughts below!