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Bachelor in Paradise

Is There a Love Triangle Between Sarah Herron, Robert Graham, and Michelle Money?

So many hot ladies, so few roses. That seems to be the theme of next week’s Bachelor in Paradise, where two newcomers upset the balance of the house and send the ladies scrambling to find a guy with an available flower. Love triangles abound!

From the promo for next week’s Episode 3, it appears that one of those three’s-company formations is between Michelle Money, Robert Graham, and Sarah Herron. What happened to Michelle’s cuddle buddy, Marquel Martin? Well, the cookie monster is a hot commodity in the third installment of Paradise island, getting dates with both new arrivals: Jackie Parr and Danielle Ronco.

Credit: Michelle on Twitter    

With free time on her hands, Michelle sets her sights on Robert, whom she called “tall, dark, and handsome” in Episode 2. Apparently Sarah had already set her sights on him as well… or had she?

Though the promo shows Sarah saying “we like the same guy” and face palming herself, the show’s sweetheart revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood that the triangle was “news to her” and that the show’s editing is so tricky, she gets just as excited as viewers do to watch the episodes and see what’s going to happen. Hmmm, not sure if you were supposed to reveal that Sarah!

Watch the promo below then tell us in the comments who you’d root for in a Sarah-Robert-Michelle triangle: