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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Says Jace Takes Night Classes — In Psychology!

Lest you forget, the adorable South Cackalacky love child known as Jace Evans is a total super genius who's poised to take over the world with his enormous brain. We've always known that Jenelle Evans' son was gifted (he's clearly inherited his mother's smarts), but girlfriend recently took it to Twitter to muse on just how advanced her little dude is.

Not only did Jace get bumped up to first grade math on his first day of kindergarten (note: we can't even do first grade math, so...), he's taking psychology classes. At night school. Jenelle revealed this nugget of informational gold to fans when she was asked about Jace's whereabouts on August 14. Her response? "Night school. Takes classes for psychology. He's a smarty."

At first, we assumed that Jenelle's brain was addled by all those crazy post-pregnancy hormones. Surely, she was talking about her hunky boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, right? Who knows, but one commenter mentioned that her own little cousin also takes night classes, so apparently this is a thing. Sigh, kids these days.

Honestly, are we really surprised that Jace has taken an interest in human behavioral science at the tender age of five? Considering that he's roomies with living legend Barbara Evans, no, we're not. The little dude is probably in the process of writing a thesis about Babs as we write this!

What do you think of Jace's unusual kindergarten education? Sound off below.

Source: Jenelle Evans on Twitter

08.15.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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