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Ana Ortiz Dishes on Her How to Get Away With Murder Character: She’s Got a “Big Secret” — Exclusive

Ana Ortiz may be known for her memorable roles on Ugly Betty and Devious Maids, but this fall she might be playing a character who has a secret to hide on How to Get Away With Murder. The new Shonda Rhimes series (which premieres on September 25) will be bringing the courtroom drama — but where does Ana’s character fit in?

While promoting Active Family Project’s “Play Soccer for a Change” campaign, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the 43-year-old actress to hear more about the charity and to get the scoop on her upcoming role on the sure-to-be-juicy ABC series.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How did you get involved with Active Family Project’s “Play Soccer for a Change” campaign? It sounds like a great cause!

Ana Ortiz: It is a really great cause. It’s an incredible initiative. People can go to the Active Family Project Facebook page and for every like, share, or comment they’re going to donate $1 to the “Play Soccer for a Change” campaign which is going to help under-served communities with soccer equipment and training.

I grew up in Washington Heights here in New York and if we’d had a program like that I think it would have benefitted immensely. I think this is something we can do that’s super easy and really fun.

How important has soccer been for you and your family in bringing you all together?

I have two little kids and both of them play soccer. We go out to cheer them at their soccer games. We all get out there just to play and have fun. My husband and I are just active people naturally and I think you have to lead by example.

There’s a lot of competition with social media, hundreds of different channels, and video games. If they see you getting out of the house, running around, and having fun they’re bound to do the same.

We also hear you’re going to be on the new Shonda Rhimes series, How to Get Away With Murder. What can you tell us about that character?

I just shot an episode for my guest role on How to Get Away With Murder with Viola Davis and it was really exciting. I think that’s going to be the show to watch for the new season — I really had a great time doing it.

It’s funny, I’m here doing this “Play Soccer for a Change” initiative and my character on the show is a soccer mom with a big, big, big secret. It’s a really fun episode and Viola Davis is my character’s lawyer.

Do you think Ana’s character will get away with murder on the new Shonda Rhimes show? Hit the comments and sound off!

For every like, comment, or share on the Active Family Project Facebook page, from August 19 until September 30, $1 will be donated to US Youth Soccer, up to $15,000, to go toward soccer equipment and training in under-served communities, giving more families the opportunity to be active together through soccer.

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