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Bachelor in Paradise

Danielle Ronco Slams Marquel Martin as “Marq Hell” — Was She Right?

Since the moment he was prematurely sent packing from Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, Marquel Martin has been a fan favorite, spurring countless Twitter followers to pitch him as the next Bachelor 2015. We can’t blame them — dude’s a dreamboat with a sense of style for days — but the tide may have turned a bit on Marquel this week in the Episode 3 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Credit: ABC Video Still    

The sponsorship salesman is just as hot of a commodity down in Tulum, starting with Michelle Money and further proven in last night’s outing, which saw both newbies Danielle Ronco and Jackie Parr taking him on dates. Though Danielle and Marquel seemed to have chemistry during their 1-on-1 time in the pool — not to mention an adrenaline-spurring, near-death experience! — when Jackie entered the scene, the 27-year-old hunk was already moving on.

Sadly, Danielle had no idea that M-squared wasn’t on the same page as her in the feels department, and when it came time for the Rose Ceremony, girlfriend was left empty-handed. Poor thing never had a chance!

Clearly, the beauty’s rejection hit her hard, because during her elimination interview in the limo home, she hissed, "This wasn't paradise. This was Marq-hell." (Though this serious moment was made decidedly less-so thanks to her Cousin It hair curtain.)

Better believe that Marquel saw that slam, and during the episode he took to Twitter to call his former date partner out. “Marq Hell???? Lol that's too cold Daniella [sic]! Still dig your hair tho #bachelorinparadise,” Marquel tweeted. Woops, it’s Danielle, dude.

Luckily, looks like there are no remaining hard feelings for Dani. “All in good fun,” she responded with a silly emoji. Marquel promptly replied, “All good hope you're great!” All’s well that ends well!

Did you think Marquel behaved inappropriately? Sound off in the comments below!