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Jenelle Evans

Will Jenelle Evans Take Her Mom to Court For Custody of Jace?

Now that Jenelle Evans has settled into life as a new mom to her cute baby Kai, fans are dying to know when she'll regain custody of her first son, Jace Evans.

In case you aren't in the loop, Jenelle initially signed over custody of Jace to her mom, Barbara Evans, but since then, she's gotten her life together and then some.

Not only is Jenelle clean and sober, she no longer has any interest in partying, and is finally ready to be the mom that Jace needs. So, will Jenelle have to take Babs to court?

Nope! While Jenelle has been cagey about the details of Jace's living situation (presumably because it will play out on Teen Mom 2), but she took to Twitter and confirmed that court is not in the cards.

"My custody case isn't ever going back to court..." Jenelle tweeted to a hater. "So much u know. #KeepGuessing."

Last time we checked, Jace spent weekends with his mom, and we assume that Barbara will let him transition into spending more days with Jenelle until he's eventually living there full-time.

However, we can't forget that Jace is in Kindergarten! Obviously, he can't make the hour-long commute from North to South Carolina everyday. Unless he's already living with Jenelle and goes to school in her neck of the woods!

Do you think Jace is living with Jenelle and she's been keeping it under wraps? Let us know in the comments!