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Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris: Sarah Herron Needs to “Stop Feeling Sorry For Herself!”

‘Merica is having a love affair with Sarah Herron, one of the few sane-seeming ladies on Bachelor in Paradise. Sarah’s also the only gal who remains uncoupled while still magically managing to nab a rose every week. She’s a modern-day Houdini! The sweet gal seems smart, chill, and realistic about love, making her the voice of reason on the totally out of touch reality show.

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But former Bachelorette Jillian Harris isn’t sipping the Sarah Kool-Aid — in fact, she’d have rather seen Robert Graham give his rose to Michelle Money than the blonde beauty. Jillian took to her blog to spill her thoughts. “I REALLY wanted Michelle to make it work with Robert and sway him…but he’s made it clear that he sees something better with Sarah!!”

So what’s Jillian’s trouble with America’s Sweetheart? Jilly feels like Sarah spent a bit too much of Episode 3 with a case of the sads. “I’m sorry, but I was NOT okay with Sarah crying and feeling sorry for herself the ENTIRE episode!” she writes. “Show some initiative and ask people on dates instead!”

While Sarah did tear up a smidge more than necessary, the whole point of her cry sesh was that everyone was out of the house already on dates. Ergo, Sarah was sitting around by her lonesome with no one to ask out on a date — even Clare Crawley’s pet raccoon bounced.

All we’re saying is, yes, she got a bit weepy, but at least she didn’t drown her sorrows in a sound guy and too much Chunky Monkey, which is what we might have done if Michelle Kujawa hadn’t already beat us to it.

Do you agree with Jillian that Sarah was totally moping, or does Jilly need to give a gal a break? Tell us below.

Source: Jillian’s blog