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Bachelor in Paradise

Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd Flirt on Twitter — Are They Still Together?

Despite Lacy Faddoul’s initial proclamation that her main goal on Bachelor in Paradise was to make sure the boys of Paradise sat up and “took notice” of her — aka her bikini body — she’s now in one of the most shockingly stable relationships on the show with Marcus Grodd. So stable, in fact, that the cameras have basically stopped following them because they’re so drama free.

The show finished filming a couple months ago, but we’ve heard rumors they’re still going strong post Paradise — and, if their Twitter accounts are any indication, those rumors are spot on.

Credit: Lacy on Twitter    

During the Monday, August 18 show, Marcus and Lacy reenacted the famous lift from the farewell dance in Dirty Dancing, with ol’ blue eyes hoisting busty Lacy over his head and then dropping her (don’t worry, they were in the pool, she’s fine). The two joked about the moment on Twitter while it was airing, with Lacy tweeting “We should have practiced. Lol! #epicfail.”

Marcus tweeted back “We were 80/40 on that lift!” The hunk is referencing Lacy’s conundrum during Episode 1, in which she found herself torn between two suitors: Marcus and Robert Graham. When saying how her decision was breaking down between the two, she said “I’m 80/40.” Math’s hard, but clearly Lacy powered through and made her choice and is now 120 percent in Marcus’s corner.

And, now that the show’s wrapped and airing, it looks like things are still (at least) on flirty terms between the two lovebirds. After all, Marcus followed his jokey tweet with a winky smiley face. Just sayin’.

Do you think their Twitter flirting means they’re still together, or are they just keeping up appearances for the show? Let us know your take in the comments.

Source: Lacy on Twitter, Marcus on Twitter