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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 11: 10 Burning Questions

With only one more episode left in the summer season, it's answer time on Pretty Little Liars! Everyone knows summer finales are the best time to drop truth bombs. Here are the top 10 burning questions we have going into the #fAtalfinale.

Was it always the plan to have Bethany take Ali's place? Isn't is so awkward when you accidentally wear the same outfit as a peer? Well, that's what seemed to happen to Bethany Young, who was mistaken for Alison because of their matching outfits, and buried alive for it. If you think this sounds more than coincidental, you're not the only one. The Liars think someone wanted others to mix up Alison and Bethany. But who? And for what purpose?

Is Melissa dead? Melissa's video message was a little too final for our liking – as was the Ouija board's ominous “goodbye.” We think these hints may add up to a fatal fate for Spencer's big sister. After all, the girl was fleeing town in fear for her life. Or was she just trying to avoid manslaughter charges? Either way, we'd feel a lot better if we could see Melissa alive and well in person again.

Is Alison “A”? The show is pushing the theory that Ali is “A” hard – even Emily Freudian-slipped her way to an accusation. It seems a little obvious for PLL, but we're willing to play along. If only because Ali is acting pretty guilty.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family    

Who's talking to Tanner? Speaking of Alison, the Liars also seem to think that she's the one who is going to chat with Tanner. Is this the case or is it another Rosewood resident who is coming clean? Our money is on Mona, who told Aria that she knows about New York.

What does Mona know about New York? But how much does Mona know? And what does she plan to do with this information? Furthermore, how the heck did Mona find out? We have a sneaking suspicion the former “A” might have been in the Big Apple when Shana was murdered.

Is Tanner going to arrest the Liars or what? Tanner circling the Liars like a predator about to go in for the kill, and the suspense is killing us. Does Tanner really think the Liars killed Bethany, or is she just trying to rattle their cages. (If so, mission accomplished.) And how much longer is she going to draw this out before taking the Liars into custody for crimes they may or may not have committed?

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family    

Has the Ravenswood curse really been broken? Caleb seems to think that the curse has been broken and that the ghosts of Ravenswood no longer have the spirit world plastered with his “Wanted” poster, but we sense some unfinished business. Ghosts love that stuff. If the curse hasn't been broken, is Caleb safe in Rosewood? Will he ever see Miranda again?

Has Paige moved on? So, who was the girl Paige went on a date with? Does this mean Emily's ex is through with their relationship, or is she just as eager to get back together as Emily is? Paige may love Emily, but their relationship is super complicated right now. As much as we want to see Paily back together again, we wouldn't blame Paige for wanting to try something simpler.

Does Mona really like Mike? In the episode, Mona asks Aria if she thinks her brother really likes her. (Answer: he totally does.) But we're more interested in whether Mona really like Mike. We're totally getting pulled in by this vulnerable Mona, but that doesn't mean we're not aware it could all be a ruse. Does Mona really like Mike? Furthermore, is she as scared as she claims to be of Alison?

Who hit Bethany over the head? As informative as it was to learn that Melissa was the one to technically kill Bethany, it was only because someone had knocked the Radley escapee over the head first. Whodunnit? Did they think Bethany was Alison? And what do they think know that Bethany's body has been discovered?

Do you think any burning questions about last night's episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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