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Bachelor in Paradise

Sharleen Joynt Thinks Robert Graham Is “Bland,” Doesn’t See His Appeal

Apparently, if Sharleen Joynt was the last woman on earth and Robert Graham was the last man on earth, the human species would die out, cuz girlfriend wants none of what the shirtless suitor is laying down. Here’s hoping that that’s one doomsday scenario that never plays out!

In her Flare blog, Shar expressed her bewilderment that two of the most level-headed women in the Bachelor in Paradise house — Sarah Herron and Michelle Money — are both ready to offer their petals to R.G. What’s her beef? The opera singer crowns Rob “King of Bland,” writing that he gets that title “for his inability to emote and refusal to say anything interesting.” Ay yi yi. Does he really get that award, or do the show’s editors? Cuz we’re pretty sure they’re in control of how much talk time he gets. Just sayin’...

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She goes on to write that “other than his being one of this week’s ‘free agents’ and the fact that he seems to not own any shirts, I couldn’t for the life of me see the appeal that Sarah and Michelle saw.” To be fair, it’s Paradise not the Pentagon — being unattached and shirtless are pretty much the only two requirements in a suitable mate. Oh! And mixing a perfect margarita, of course!

Sharleen also awards Sarah the “Paragon of Normalcy Award” for Episode 3, and marks Elise with the “Living on Another Planet Award.” Based on her reviews, we’re betting that if Sharleen was on this show, she would have fought Michelle Kujawa for the first ticket back north.

Do you agree with Sharleen that Robert’s bland, or do you think the cameras aren’t showing everything? Give us your thought stuff in the comments.

Source: Sharleen’s Flare blog