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Teen Mom 2

Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur’s Daughter Paislee Is So Big! — Who Does She Look Like? (PHOTO)

Paislee Lind is growing up so fast, y'all! This tiny Teen Mom 2 star made her triumphant debut from Taylor Halbur's lady parts back in September, and it's hard to believe that she's almost a year old.

But now that Paislee's no longer a squishy baby, we're finally starting to see what she'll look like when she grows up!

You know what that means: The time has come to decide whether Paislee looks more like her mom, or her dad. Oh, and by the way, her dad is none other that Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind (aka Chelsea Houska's baby daddy), who's currently on an extended stay-cation in jail. The more you know!

Anyway, let's get down to business! Check out this recent photo of Paislee posing with her mom and tell us who you think she looks like. This little lady is definitely a good mix of both her parents, but there's no denying that Adam's genes are strong. Paislee has her dad's nose, mouth andface shape — but those beautiful eyes are all Taylor!

Do you agree that Paislee looks like the spitting image of her dad (with a little mom thrown in for good measure), or do you think she's a mini Tay? Let us know in the comments!