Credit: Nikki on Instagram    
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Nikki Ferrell

Nikki Ferrell’s Passport Pic Is Super Glamorous — See It Here! (PHOTOS)

Whenever you get your passport picture taken, don’t you walk out of there feeling like, “Dayum, I looked good in those pics!” No? Well, then you’re no Nikki Ferrell.

The Bachelor 18 winner may have just earned herself the title of Most Photogenic Person Ever with her ID pics, which she shared on Instagram this week. Doesn’t she know that you’re not supposed to look good in those?!

Credit: Nikki Ferrell on Instagram    

Terrible lighting be damned, Juan Pablo Galavis’s lady friend looks beyond chic in her snaps. Nikki took to IG to share (show off?) the pics, writing, “Looking kinda like a criminal in my new passport photos. Yes, I know I need my roots done thank you. #balibound #vacationmode.”

You see, while the rest of us might have presented with bags under our eyes and frizzy hair, Nikki’s biggest complaint (an unjustified one, at that) is that her roots need a touchup. Puhlease, girlfriend, call it ombre and call it a day. No one is judging you. Not to mention that her top knot looks perfect, like a hairstylist did it, and the 27-year-old has seriously glowing skin.

We don’t know what Nikki’s secret is, but we need to get on it stat.

But let’s touch on the reason these passport pics are being taken in the first place. You see, JPG’s catira is headed for Bali for a nice little getaway. By the looks of her Bachelor BF’s social media page, he’s not along for the trip, but maybe he’s meeting her later on? We shall see!

Are your passport pics as chic as Nikki’s? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Nikki Ferrell on Instagram