R&B Divas L.A. Season 2, Episode 6, “From Ratchet to Righteous” — Here’s What Went Down!
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R&B Divas L.A. Season 2, Episode 6, “From Ratchet to Righteous” — Here’s What Went Down!

The divas got up close and personal in the latest episode of R&B Divas L.A. Season 2. It’s Grammy time and Chrisette Michele prepared to walk the red carpet. Leela James began promoting her new album after meeting with Anthony Hamilton, but she grew uncomfortable with interacting with the media. Meanwhile, Lil’ Mo started a new group with Tye Tribbett and Mookie, but at the debut performance Lil’ Mo got all choked up about a particular song.

Here’s what went down on Season 2, Episode 6, "From Ratchet to Righteous":

1. Chrisette wants to celebrate her Grammy nod. Chrisette gathers divas Lil’ Mo, Michel’le, and Leela together to let them know she’s been nominated for a Grammy. Mo asks Chrisette if she thinks some people in the industry are unfairly selected; Leela adds she definitely thinks people use their connections to get a nom. Chrisette, however, believes there are still some genuine nods — including her own — and to celebrate it, she’d like to have a low-key party to counter all the hype that goes along with the Grammys. Mo asks Chrisette if she buys into that hype; Chrisette replies she does wear the right clothes to build her personal brand, but as for industry politics, she’s not for it.

Much later, the ladies attend Chrisette’s party, and it’s an intimate affair at an art gallery. Chanté feels overdressed as she thought it was going to be a glam event, but soon realizes that it’s a small gathering of friends and family. Chrisette takes the stage to sing her song “Super” and thanks everyone for being supportive.

2. Lil’ Mo forms a super group. Tye Tribbet, Mookie, and Lil’ Mo form a super music group called Junior High Band. Gospel artists Tye and Mookie are excited about the trio and they all begin to hash out the details of their sound. When the subject of Mo’s producer ex-husband, Phillip Bryant, comes up, Mo says she doesn’t want to work with him anymore. This is a bit of a blow to both Tye and Mookie since Tye is close to Phillip and Mookie works with Phillip on her own endeavors. Both artists say they thought Phillip would be a part of the project; Mo says she doesn’t even want Phillip to know what they’re doing. She does yield a bit, however, and tells the group that if they really want Phillip to work with them, they can handle the details of their sound and production with Phillip, and then relay it all to her later.

3. Leela tackles the press. Leela and R&B singer Anthony Hamilton celebrate the success of their single, “Say That.” Anthony tells Leela she needs to make the most of the attention so Leela interviews with Madame Noire. Before the interview even begins, Leela stipulates that she does not want any of the things she says to be misconstrued or taken out of context. The interviewer tells Leela that they’ll stick to music; however, as the interview begins, Leela grows increasingly annoyed by some of the questions, which have nothing to do with her music. Trying her best to hold it together, Leela answers a few questions as politely and professionally as she can.

Later, Leela goes for a photoshoot with Amber magazine. She’s apprehensive after her interview with Madame Noire but she’s pleasantly surprised with her work with Amber.

4. The divas go dirty dancing. Claudette Ortiz sets up a salsa class for the divas to get a vibe for their Puerto Rico project. While dancing, several of the divas get a little flirty with the instructor. Leela wraps herself around him, Chanté gives him sexy glances, and Lil’ Mo tries her best to control her raging hormones.

5. Mo’s band is maybe a no-show. Lil Mo and her manager Bella go over the staging at a venue where Mo is about to have a performance to debut her new group, Junior High Band. Bella tells Mo she isn’t completely sure that Tye and Mookie will be able to make it since there’s been a superstorm on the East Coast causing flight delays and cancellations. Mo gets worried, and her concerns are confirmed when she calls Tye and he tells her that all flights have been cancelled. Bella tells Mo that they can still salvage the show by having Mo perform one of her hits and her new song, “Not That Into You,” but Mo is unhappy that her first project without the help of her husband Phillip will have to be postponed and replaced with music that he’s somehow related to.

6. Mo is in her “bag.” The night of Mo’s performance is here, and she’s a complete wreck since her plans to debut the Junior High Band group have been tossed out the window. She’s not ready to perform her new song, however, feels like she’s got no other choice because of the situation at hand. The divas show up to support Mo, and she tells them of her anxiety. Mo gets slightly emotional, and the divas realize that it’s a lot for her to get through.

Mo takes the stage and tells the audience she’s going to sing a bit of “Not That Into You,” which she initially co-wrote with ex-husband Phillip before completely removing him from the song. As Mo begins to sing, the divas notice the intense feelings that she’s bringing to the stage. However, halfway through the song, Mo complete forgets the words. The audience is supportive, though, and claps Mo along until she’s able to continue singing. Mo thanks the crowd.

7. Grammy Day for Chrisette! Chrisette nervously preps to walk the red carpet for the Grammy Awards. She even brainstorms excuses to not show up! However, her makeup artist shrugs it off and tells Chrisette that she will do well. Chrisette invites her two brothers to walk the carpet with her, and while they’re excited for the opportunity, Chrisette is worried she will not remember everything she needs to promote while meeting with reporters.

Chrisette hits the carpet and (of course) rocks it. Though Alicia Keys took home the Grammy Award in her category, Chrisette’s publicist still sees the night as a success due to all the major outlets Chris was able to speak with.

Meanwhile, back at Leela’s house, Mo, Michel’le, and Chanté talk about the Grammys. Mo asks the ladies if they think the award show is rigged, and Michel’le says she definitely thinks that there are some politics involved. Leela asks if anyone saw how Chrisette looked on the carpet, and Michel’le says that Chris was “beat from head to toe,” and the ladies all agree that a win for her means a win for them all.

What did you think of the latest episode of R&B Divas L.A. Season 2? Sound off in the comments below!

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