Has Michelle Money Ever Been Married? Get All the Baby Daddy Details!
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The Bachelorette

Has Michelle Money Ever Been Married? Get All the Baby Daddy Details!

Michelle Money has been a single mom, an actress, a stylist, a Bachelor villain, a Bachelor Pad heroine, and, most recently, a Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite sweetheart. With all those roles under her belt, has she ever been a wife?

Yes, in fact, she has! Michelle Money was born Michelle Cartwright. While she is obvsies no longer with her ex, Ryan Money, she never changed her name back after the ink on their divorce was dry. You could say she married him for the “Money.” We’re just kidding, don’t say that! It’s mean.

So what’s the 4-1-1 on her baby daddy? According to his LinkedIn profile, the last title Mr. Money (just the best name ever) held back in 2010 was as “Partner/VP Business Development at Franchise Foundry.” Now he’s an entrepreneur, and judging from his Twitter feed, is pretty into cycling and politics.

Michelle and Ryan had one child together, nine-year-old daughter, Brielle. As for the reason for their split, we don’t have all the facts, but there were reports that infidelity on Michelle’s part signaled the beginning of the end. Michelle admitted to an affair with married NBA star Carlos Boozer, but insisted her marriage to Ryan was already over when her tryst with Carlos began.

Whoever you believe, one thing we know for sure is Michelle is a woman who prides herself on learning from her mistakes!

The beauty is now turning heads on Bachelor in Paradise, on which she coupled up with Marquel Martin for the first two weeks of the show before turning her attentions to Robert Graham.

While neither of those beaus has quite worked out, we have high hopes for the single mama looking for love. We hear one of the new Bachelors arriving on the scene next week is just what Michelle’s love doctor ordered — in fact, they’re still going strong even now that filming’s over, making us wonder if she’ll hold the title of “wife” again sometime soon!

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Source: ABC4 News