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Pretty Little Liars

Watch Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario Get Left Behind in Immediately Afterlife (VIDEO)

After months of waiting, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario’s short film, Immediately Afterlife, has finally hit the web!

The short, funded by Kickstarter back in January, follows Bennett (Troian) and Marissa (Shay), the sole survivors of a religious cult’s mass suicide attempt. Marissa is relieved, which leads self-righteous Bennett question her motives for joining the movement. Bennett, on the other hand, is confused and angry; why did their Leader leave her behind? As she starts to question her faith, it’s revealed that Marissa didn’t have any to begin with.

It’s nice to see Shay and Troian work together outside of Pretty Little Liars. And seeing Shay take on the role of foul-mouthed Marissa was a delightful surprise. She’s so different from Emily! Not to mention Troian’s manic performance as Bennett is a must-see.

But Shay and Troian weren’t the only PLL stars to make an appearance, which isn’t surprising considering Immediately Afterlife was written and directed by PLL crewmembers Kyle Hasday and Matt Stewart. Ian Harding also pops up in the short flick toward the end — and if you listen carefully, you’ll hear the voice of Nolan North (Peter Hastings).

Watch Immediately Afterlife below and hit the comments with your reactions below.