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Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 2, “Sisters on the Verge”

The rift between the Braxton sisters reached new depths on last night’s episode of Braxton Family Values Season 4. Trina and Towanda Braxton tried to get through Towanda’s blowup, while a new feud ignited between Tamar and Traci Braxton over Tamar’s assistant. Toni Braxton got caught in the crossfire and the sisters worried if they’d make it out of therapy alive.

1. Trina has a chat with Towanda. Trina meets with her sister Towanda to discuss her sister’s mental state after the massive blow-up during the Season 4 premiere. Towanda tells Trina she’s been reclusive because she’s tired of everything being her fault, and that she’s been holding in her feelings for the past 40 years. She tells Trina that all the childishness between her and her sisters needs to stop, and she’s annoyed with everyone shielding the other sisters’s feelings while her own gets pushed to the side.

Trina tells Towanda she needs to have a conversation with Tamar to get all of her feelings out, but Towanda notes the several times she tried to do that, Tamar walked away. Trina tells Towanda there was a physical altercation between Tamar’s assistant and Traci after her blow-up that also needs to be addressed. Their family has never been this dysfunctional, Trina adds, with Mama Evelyn suggesting the ladies go see Dr. Sherry to work things out.

2. Retreat time. The sisters attend the first session of their sisters’s retreat and Tamar finds it awkward because she hasn’t heard from the sisters since Towanda’s blow-up. Dr. Sherry asks Towanda to discuss her feelings leading up to her getting upset, and Towanda says she felt that no one cared about her or heard what she was trying to say.

Trina chimes in with her thoughts, saying the sisters have serious issues that all agree need to be worked on. Dr. Sherry tells the ladies they can definitely work through their problems, but everyone has to take accountability for their actions. Tamar says she felt like she hasn’t contributed to the downfall in her relationship with her sisters, and that she’d like to see things change but she doesn’t see it happening.

3. Tamar’s ready to “spit fire.” On Day Two of the therapy retreat, Traci refuses to join the sisters because Tamar’s assistant was on scene. Traci finally gets in the car and the sisters drive up the mountain to speak with Dr. Sherry. Tamar reaches her breaking point when someone from production tells Tamar that she can’t bring her assistant to set with her while everyone else’s assistant is present. Trina tells Tamar she’s wrong for wanting to leave the session. Tamar goes off in the car saying she’s not going to swallow her anger, despite making a promise to change for the better. When the sisters finally meet up with Dr. Sherry, Tamar tells Dr. Sherry that she’s over the nonsense with her sisters, and that they’re making her out to seem like she doesn’t have a reason to be upset.

Dr. Sherry looks to Toni for clarity, and Toni recalls the issue from her perspective: on the night that Towanda had a blow up, Tamar’s assistant put his hands on Traci. Tamar jumps in to say that her assistant was only protecting her from Traci’s attempt to attack her, like she “always the f—k do.” Traci says that’s a lie, and pulls a photo up on her phone for Dr. Sherry to see the bruise.

4. Tamar storms off. Traci calls Tamar a liar, and Tamar hops out of the car saying that everyone’s pretending Traci doesn’t try to jump on her. When Dr. Sherry pulls Tamar to the side, Tamar says she’s done with the show because she’s not the person everyone’s making her out to be. Tamar becomes infuriated and stifles a scream as she cries. Tamar then gives her side of the story saying that after Towanda’s blow-up, Traci ran after Towanda who stormed past Tamar. When Tamar heard Traci say that she was going to check on Towanda, Tamar says she told Traci to go “check her girl,” and that’s when Traci turned around, called her a “bitch,” and lunged at her. This is when Tamar’s assistant jumped in front of Tamar and pulled Traci out of the way. Now, Tamar says Traci is acting like she didn’t try to attack Tamar and that Tamar’s assistant just grabbed her for no reason.

Dr. Sherry tells Tamar to finish off the therapy session, and if she does, she promises that Tamar won’t be pegged as the bad guy. Tamar agrees to go.

5. Therapy session goes ary. The ladies finally reach Dr. Sherry’s therapy room. Tamar takes Towanda’s sigh as a slick comment, and goes off on how her sisters are always making smart asides around her. Towanda tells Tamar that she’s being paranoid, and Tamar says that she’s not paranoid about anything because the sisters have been having issues for the past two years. Dr. Sherry tells the ladies to calm down and explain what happened in New York. Traci begins by saying that she ran after Towanda (who had smashed several glasses during dinner) because Towanda cut her fingers. As she was looking for Towanda, Traci says she heard Tamar make the comment, “go get your girl,” at which point Traci turned around to confront her baby sister. This is when Traci claims that Tamar’s assistant grabbed her for no reason.

Dr. Sherry asks Traci if the assistant might have thought she was going to attack Tamar, and Traci says he may have felt that way, but she would never put her hands on her sister. Tamar jumps in to ask Trina if Traci has ever lunged at her, their mother, and/or father, and Trina says no. Tamar then recreates a scenario in which Towanda had to pull Traci to the side after getting in Tamar’s face, but the sisters say that they were trying to calm Traci down, not keep her from physically attacking anyone. Toni tells Tamar she knows Traci would never put hands on her, but Tamar says she doesn’t know that for truth, and that her sisters are always making up for Traci’s actions. Tamar tells Toni she wasn’t there that night and didn’t see what happen, and Traci calls Tamar a liar. Tamar tells Traci to stop calling her a liar, and Traci takes it a step further and calls Tamar “Tamar Lie Braxton.”

Traci says Tamar’s assistant wouldn’t let go of her because he wouldn’t let her get to Tamar and later that day she was going to press charges. Tamar tells Traci to do so, hoping that she will embarrass herself in the process. After a bit of shouting back and forth, Dr. Sherry tells the ladies it’s time for the next exercise. But before they can handle the task, Tamar hops into her car and drives off.

6. Tamar feels left out. Dr. Sherry takes the sisters through two bonding exercises: a leap of faith with cable wires several feet of the ground, and a spider web game where the sisters have to talk each other out of a spider web made of string without touching it. The next day, Dr. Sherry asks the sisters if they felt the exercises did anything for them, and Toni, Traci, Trina, and Towanda all agree that they learned something about themselves and about each other. Tamar, on the other hand, says she thinks it’s all a load of crap. The sisters tell Tamar that she was missed after she drove off and they wished she had stay to work things out, but Tamar says she doesn’t think a few exercises are going to solve years of problems.

A new episode of Braxton Family Values Season 4 airs Thursday, August 28, at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.

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