Credit: Lesley Murphy on Instagram    
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The Bachelor

Lesley Murphy on Catherine and Sean Lowe’s Baby Plans, Double Dates — Exclusive

Sean and Catherine Lowe only tied the knot a little over six months ago, but the adorable duo already has fans eager for a Lowe junior. Just recently, SeanCat spoke out about baby plans, stating that a little one’s “not in our hearts yet,” but it was unclear as to whether this was the whole truth or if the Bachelor and his wife were just throwing us off of their scent.

To get to the bottom of this, Wetpaint Entertainment probed Catherine’s bestie (and fellow Bachelor 17 contestant) Lesley Murphy for insider details. We also got Lesley to dish on possible wedding bells with her longtime BF, Wade — with whom she lives in Buenos Aires while running her new travel blog, The Road Les Traveled — and whether the two of them ever double date with the Lowes. Read on for all the scoop!

Credit: Lesley Murphy on Instagram    

Wetpaint Entertainment: Do you and your boyfriend Wade double date with Sean and Catherine?

Lesley Murphy: My boyfriend is actually from Dallas [like the Lowes]! Unfortunately, we have never all four been in the same city, just because my boyfriend and I are in Buenos Aires. But I’m sure one day in the near future we’ll do that.

Sean and Catherine are constantly asked about when they’re going to have kids. When do you think they’ll take the plunge?

I think they still have some things they want to accomplish before settling down and having kids. I think that they are loving living in Dallas and traveling a good bit, and they can’t do that with a baby on the way. I think it will be a little bit longer, but I can tell with Sean’s niece and nephew that they adore kids. They’ll be very happy to have them when they actually come.

You and Wade have been together for a while now. Any wedding bells in the near future?

I don’t know, I’m going to leave that up to him. That’s the thing about living overseas, I’ve seen so many of our friends getting married and having kids. You almost feel like you’re missing out on something being so far away. But at the same time, I’m still 27 and I have a lot of life to live, and there needs to be no rush into any of that. It’ll happen when it happens.

When you do eventually tie the knot, will any of the other ladies from your Bachelor season be in the bridal party?

Yeah, I’m sure Catherine will be invited. I’m sure Robyn Howard and Daniella McBride will be invited, as well, just because they still are great friends from the show.

Be sure to check out Lesley’s site, filled with gorgeous photos, tips, and info from her life as a jetsetter!

Do you think SeanCat will have a baby soon, or is that a ways down the road? Sound off in the comments below.