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Bachelor in Paradise

Did Clare Crawley Just Spoil Her Bachelor in Paradise Ending?

Social media is really a blessing and a curse for Bachelor producers. On one hand, it allows their franchise contestants to better promote themselves and drum up excitement for their shows. On the other, these crazy kids sure do let a lot of plot points slip. The newest culprit? Bachelor in Paradise’s Clare Crawley, who may have just spoiled the spin-off’s ending!

You see, our dear raccoon whisperer found herself a little caught up in her pal (and fellow Bachelor 18 survivor) Renée Oteri’s totally adorable wedding reception, and let some possible insider info out. While sitting at the kiddies table — which included Ray’s 9-year-old son, Ben — Clare snapped a pic, captioning it, “Singles table! #rbmlove.”

Credit: Clare Crawley on Instagram    

Single? Wait a minute, but we just watched you be all coupled off with Zack Kalter last week, girl! Are you meaning to tell us that this tropical romance won’t last beyond the confines of Paradise? Say it isn’t so!

The beginning of the end for this twosome could actually come tonight in Episode 4, as AshLee Frazier attempts to pull a sabo on the lovebirds. Of course, Ash goes for the gut, telling Zack that Clare had ocean sex with Juan Pablo Galavis, which somehow makes her “cuckoo?” (OK, yes maybe a little crazy to get down and dirty with JPG, but this felt more like slut-shaming, which is not cool.)

So will Zack listen to AshLee? And will Clare actually walk out of BiP single? We’ll have to tune in and find out!

Bachelor in Paradise airs tonight, August 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Source: Clare Crawley on Instagram