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Below Deck’s Jennice Ontiveros Teases Kelley Johnson Romance in Season 2 — Exclusive

While Jennice Ontiveros’s Below Deck castmate Eddie Lucas was able to remain completely devoted to his girlfriend back home, she’s had a little more trouble while working as a deckhand on the luxury charter yacht Ohana.

The 25-year-old gal was thrown for a major loop when she was assigned hunky male roommate Kelley Johnson during her stay in the British Virgin Islands. And even just three episodes in, we’re already seeing the sparks fly between these two.

So what of her boyfriend back in New Zealand? Jennice opened up exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment about the current state of her relationship with the boyfriend, and what’s to come between she and Kelley.

Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo    

Wetpaint Entertainment: You had a boyfriend back in New Zealand. How much temptation was there being so far away, while being around so many hot guys?

Jennice Ontiveros: The only guy on board that I clicked with was Kelley, who also happened to be my roommate. Once we realized how easy and effortless our connection was, we needed to find a way to draw a line. As Kelley pointed out, “we have chemistry.” But being that both of us came into the season dating other people, it was important to not cross the line out of respect for our relationships. As time went on, we found ourselves closer to one another than to the people we were dating. And as the saying goes, “the rest is history!” Sometimes you can't deny what's right in front of you.

We see you kiss someone in the promos. What did your boyfriend think about that?

I would never kiss a guy while being in a relationship. I am a very loyal person. About halfway through the charter season, my boyfriend and I started having a hard time. We decided it was best to live our own lives until we could meet up back in the US. Of course he was upset, but it was his decision to walk away when he realized I had a male roommate who had feelings for me.

What’s it like sharing such a small space with a guy roommate?

I loved being roommates with Kelley! We were a great match, and always looked out for one another. Sometimes I'd make his bed, or he would leave me chocolates on my pillow. We'd share pimple gel and eye cream, and make sure we brushed our teeth before bed no matter how tired we were. We would talk and listen to music and really enjoyed decompressing together after all the hard work on deck. It's a good thing a big guy like him got paired with a little lady like myself — that room was pretty cramped! We had a world of our own in that cabin and I miss it all the time.

Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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