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Bachelor in Paradise

Molly Mesnick: Kalon McMahon Is “Not Very Nice” in Real Life Either

One of the more bizarre sequences in the August 25 episode of Bachelor in Paradise was the one in which Kalon McMahon got turned down for a date by three different girls — Michelle Money, Jackie Parr, and Sarah Herron — before taking himself on a solo outing.

And just in case viewers were feeling sorry for the guy, producers made sure we couldn’t by airing an ITM of Kalon making some crazily inappropriate comments about the women on the show. His behavior was so off-the-wall, in fact, that it made us wonder — was he just putting on a show for the camera?

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Jason Mesnick pondered the same thing, asking his wife, Molly Mesnick, for her opinion on the matter during their podcast. “Do you think he’s this much of a jerk, or is he just playing it up?” Jason asked.

Molly has some personal knowledge of Kalon, as the Bachelorette 8 contestant dated her Seattle gal pal Lindzi Cox for a blink. Molly responded to Jason’s question with, “I know personally that he was not very nice to Lindzi. It was her birthday weekend and he was going to come into town, and then at the last minute said he couldn’t because he had something going on. Then, one of our mutual girlfriends was in Vegas and saw him at the pool with a bunch of other girls.”

Ouch. Generally hanging out poolside with a bunch of bitties is not a reason to bail on your lady love’s b-day.

Molly said, “He was a little two-timer,” to which Jason quipped, “Well, not if it’s a bunch of other girls — that’s a lot-of-timer.” Ha!

Looks like Kalon’s luck with the ladies has run out in Paradise, however, as none of those sun lizards would touch him with a 10-foot pole.

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Source: Jason and Molly’s podcast