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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: What Happens Tonight in Episode 5?

We are still biting our nails after last night’s Rose Ceremony cliffhanger, in which Graham Bunn seemed to run for the hills when AshLee Frazier offered him her rose. So what can we expect tonight when the Rose Ceremony continues?

Well, according to Reality Steve, Graham wasn’t really fleeing the scene of the crazy, he was just dealing with a bit of a tummy ache. Once he’s popped a Tums, we expect he’ll come back and accept Ash’s flower. Sigh — he just can’t quit her. So who goes home at the top of the hour? Steve says Marquel Martin’s reign as Paradise player has come to an end and, to nobody’s surprise, Kalon McMahon is peacing out too.

Credit: Agustin Murillo/ABC Television Group    

With two Bachelors on a plane back to the states, two new women arrive to take their place and make magic in Tulum — Christy Hansen and Lucy Aragon — both card-carrying members of the Juan Pablo Galavis survivor’s club. And both ladies have their eye on Clare Crawley’s prize, Zack Kalter. Per Steve’s magic 8 ball, both newcomers ask out the dark, handsome one but he turns them both down out of respect for his lady “love,” Clare. Good thing she locked that situation down in Episode 4…

Christy is the first newcomer to the casa, and once Zack turns her down she asks out Jesse Kovacs, who accepts. According to ABC’s press release for the episode, the two head to the streets of Valladolid. Sarah Herron gets a date card next and uses it to take Robert Graham on a romantic dinner date at the Coqui Coqui hotel where they smooch it up for the first time! Lucy arrives, gets naked, and asks Jesse on a date to the Mayan city of Chichen Itza.

Meanwhile, Cody Sattler moves on from his dream of being Mr. Cody Crawley by hitting up single girl Michelle Money. Michelle doesn’t trust the quickness of his professed newfound feelsies for her, so she takes him on a test drive, aka a date. And what better way to test a man’s resolve than to take him on a date in which the two of you... pose for wedding photos. Yup, weird. But YOPO, right?

Credit: Agustin Murillo/ABC Television Group    

Back at the house, Clare is getting a bit emotional over something or other, which makes Zack start to wonder why he turned down dates with Christy and Lucy, and why he’s been toning down the flirty eyes with his secret interest, Jackie Parr. When he voices his hesitations, Clare gets hopping mad enough to hop a plane home before the Rose Ceremony.

Going in to the Rose Ceremony, in which it’s the men’s turn to give out roses, the women are in a slightly better place than usual thanks to Clare’s early departure — but one lady will still go home. Who will it be? We can’t wait for tonight to find out!

Oh! And remember the ambulance ABC has been promoting the bejeezus out of since Episode 1? Well, turns out it’s for Lacy Faddoul, who got a touch of food poisoning. Whew! Glad it was nothing serious. And, since we’re sure Marcus Grodd was by her side nursing her with kisses through her recovery, she probably didn’t feel a thing.

Who’s your favorite couple so far and who are you hoping makes it through to the end? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Reality Steve, ABC