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Bachelor in Paradise

Jason and Molly Mesnick: Sarah Herron and Robert Graham Won’t Last

How can you not root for Sarah Herron to find love on Bachelor in Paradise? The girl is smart, funny, sweet, and down-to-earth. On top of all that, she’s vulnerable as all get out, openly admitting to being intimidated by the beauty of castmates like Michelle Money and being forthcoming about really, really loving being kissed — and kissed well — by Robert Graham.

Despite the high hopes we have for her budding romance with Robert, which is pretty darn cute, Jason and Molly Mesnick are here to rain on our parade, saying that they don’t a happy ending in Sarah-dise is in the cards.

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In their podcast, Jason and Molly say they see Sarah falling victim to Rob’s friend zone. Jason cites that weird handshake they did during their 1-on-1 in the hot tub as evidence that they’re “not comfortable around each other.” Molly agrees, saying she “just doesn’t see it going anywhere.”

“Yeah,” continues Jason. “It’s clear she really likes him and wants it to work, but it’s hard to tell where he’s at. Isn’t that a movie — He’s Just Not That Into You? That’s what this is.”

We want to disagree, but we kinda think the Mesnicks are right. Most guys heading to Paradise — which is basically like a coupon book for skinny dipping and makeout sessions — would jump at the chance to make kissy faces with a girl they’re into. Instead, Robert seems to be taking the slow boat to China when it comes to putting on the moves, which may suggest he’s keeping one eye on the door to see what hot woman is going to walk through it next.

Do you think Sarah and Robert stand a chance after Paradise? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Jason and Molly podcast