Credit: Megan McConnell on Twitter    
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16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant’s Megan McConnell Has ANOTHER Unplanned Pregnancy!

Remember 16 and Pregnant's Megan McConnell? You know, from the show's totally ahh-mazing second season? Well, this girl is pregnant. Again. And it wasn't planned!

In the event that you need a refresher, Megan popped out her first child, Blake, about four years ago and married her baby daddy, Nathan Stone. These former lovebirds divorced in 2012 (Megan has full custody!), and Megan went on the rebound with a hottie named Chase. And get this, she met him through her MTV co-star, Kayla Jordan!

“He went to high school with her,” Megan tells The Ashley's Reality Roundup. “We’ve been together for about 10 months but we’ve known each other for a couple of years.”

Credit: Megan McConnell on Twitter    

Now, 10 months isn't exactly a long-term relationship, and Megan was definitely surprised when she found out about her pregnancy. “I was shocked when I found out!” Megan (who's currently two-months pregnant) says. “I showed Chase the test and just stared at him without saying anything!”

Megan and Chase already live together, and are both "really excited" about welcoming a baby into the world — though they still don't know if they're having a boy or a girl. Meanwhile, Blake is all about being an older brother, and can't wait to meet his sibling in eight months!

The former 16 and Pregnant starlet is biding the time until delivery by working as a teacher, and doesn't plan to rush into marriage. “We want to get married, but we don’t know when,” she says.

Are you surprised by the drastic turn of events in this former reality star's life? Megan definitely deserves congrats, but her unexpected pregnancy is shocking to say the least!

Source: The Ashley's Reality Roundup