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R&B Divas L.A. Season 2, Episode 7, “More Management More Problems” — Here’s What Went Down!

On last night's R&B Divas L.A., divas Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le, Chrisette Michele, Leela James, and Chanté Moore met again to write and record with Warren Campbell, but one of the divas had a problem because she didn’t have any lead vocals. Michel’le’s management woes got the better of her when a ton of shady dealings go on, while Chanté appeared to have found a new man to bring home.

Here’s what went down on Season 2, Episode 7, "More Management More Problems":

1. The divas make “baby-making music.” At the top of the episode, Warren Campbell and the the divas all meet to start working on their songs for the Puerto Rico project. Warren tells the ladies that he scrapped everything they had worked on with Chrisette’s boyfriend, Justin. After hearing the new track, Chrisette starts to feel the creative juices flowing and starts writing lyrics that the other divas seem to enjoy.

Warren asks Chanté to lay down her vocals, and she does just that, providing soft moans that set the mood. Chrisette follows Chanté, singing the opening line of the song, after which Claudette joins the track with a Spanish interpretation of Chrisette’s opening line. Warren likes what he hears so far and tells lady they’re done for the day. In the next session, they’ll begin with Mo’s “turned up” part. Though Michel’le thinks it’s definitely on the verge of “baby-making” music, Chanté grows nervous that she won’t have a part.

2. Michel’le switches management. Michel’le meets with her old manager, Don (who left on his own accord), to check out management prospects for her going forward. Don and Michel’le meet with a guy named Bruce, and things seem to go pretty well. However, Bruce tells Michel’le he would like for her to tie up all possible engagements with Don first, so that they can start with a clean slate. Don, Michel’le, and Bruce all agree that after Michel’le’s next performance, management will officially switch hands.

3. Chanté feels shafted. The divas attend Warren’s second music session, and Lil’ Mo’s up to drop her rap verse on the Puerto Rico track. The ladies are hyped about Mo’s rapping skills, and Leela follows Mo in the studio, bringing her soulful edge to Spanish lyrics. After having a bit of trouble finding the rhythm with Latin words she’s never sung, the diva nails it. Finally, Michel’le hits the booth and brings her big sound to the disco-themed section of the track.

When she’s done, Warren tells the ladies it’s a wrap on the track. However, Chanté is displeased that she doesn’t have a singing part other than some background vocals. Warren asks Chanté if this is truly a problem for her, and she tells him it is, because she doesn’t have a time to “shine” on the record. Warren tells her that they’ll figure out something.

4. Mo and Leela dish their feelings about Chanté’s complaint. Mo and Leela take a walk on the wild side, and decide to take a pole dancing class for just the two of them to stay in shape and have some fun. While there, Mo tells Leela that she thinks Chanté is being a little greedy wanting to have more than a background part on the track. Leela chips in to say she thinks the song is finished, with Mo adding that she thinks it’ll be cluttered if Chanté does additional singing. Both Leela and Mo think it’s unnecessary for Chané to get a solo — in the same way Chanté thought it wasn’t necessary for Leela, Mo, and Chrisette to have a solo on her track, “I Know, Right?”

5. Chanté’s got a man… on a boat. Chanté’s “friend” Roy takes her on a sweet boat trip. Though they’re still in the budding stages of their relationship, the singer is seemingly happy with where they are and feels a spark. Sometime later, Chanté meets with Warren to discuss the spot he found for her on the Puerto Rico record. When Warren asks Chanté if she’s OK with the spot, she jokingly says “no,” but says she’ll take what she can get. At the end of the session, Chanté tells Warren she appreciates him taking her concerns into consideration.

6. The Divas travel for Michel’le’s performance. Lil’ Mo, Chrisette, Leela, Chanté, and Claudette all travel — in a tiny limo with no AC — to San Diego to support Michel’le’s latest performance. The ladies have high hopes that Michel’le’s performance will turn out better than her last one, but they’re still a little worried something could go wrong.

When Michel’le arrives at the event, she discovers a major problem: The flyer for the event features the name of the event promoter, comedian Valentine, several times larger than Michel’le’s, the headliner. To make things worse, the rest of the divas’ names are on the flyer, giving the impression that all six are performing.

7. The Divas arrive and they’re not happy. The divas meet with Michel’le before her set, and she tells them about the flyer. Chrisette is immediately irritated and demands to know who authorized her likeness to be used for the flyer. Neither Valentine nor Michel’le’s CFO can come up with a decent answer, and the ladies grow impatient. After the two men hop on their phones, they both blame Michel’le’s soon-to-be former manager, Don.

Valentine and Michel’le’s CFO tell Michel’le that the crowd is starting to leave and ask if she’s still going to perform. Michel’le says she’ll do it, and the divas already see Michel’le on the verge of stressing out like she did on her most recent performance. Luckily, her background singer is able to calm her down and tell the ladies that Michel’le’s former manager, Don, never knew the specifics of the event, and that Michel’le’s CFO was ultimately the one who authorized the botched flyer.

After having a moment to calm down, Michel’le hits the stage and turns out a great performance, leaving the divas floored.

What did you think of the latest episode of R&B Divas L.A. Season 2? Sound off in the comments below!

08.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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