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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe’s Advice For Bachelor Chris Soules: “When in Doubt, Ditch the Shirt”

We could kiss Sean Lowe right now (sorry Catherine, just avert your eyes a sec, mmmkay?). Why are we so ready to pucker up? Because Mr. Abs just gave the newly minted Bachelor 2015 Chris Soules some stellar advice on his new gig: “When in doubt, ditch the shirt.” Take it from us, Chris, that’s the only advice you will ever need, ever, for the rest of your life. Just take it off, man. TAKE. IT. OFF.

Sean offered up the words of wisdom as just one of ten pieces of advice for Chris to take with him on his nationally televised love quest. In his blog, Season 17’s Bachelor writes, “Before I began my stint as The Bachelor, I wished someone who had walked in the bachelor shoes would’ve given me some guidance. After all, it’s tough to prepare for that kind of adventure.” So what would Sean have liked to have known before being handed a bushel of roses and unleashed on a mansion full of beauties?

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The nuggets on Sean’s list include “Don’t kiss someone when the other girls are watching” and “If the girls tell you someone is crazy, trust them.” While both pieces of advice are great, we’re kind of hoping Chris ignores them (every other lead in the franchise’s history has) — after all, we the viewers at home know popcorn and wine taste best with a side dish of D-R-A-M-A.

Sean includes some other humorous pieces on his guide, like, “Enjoy the personal stylist and hair dresser. This is the only time in your life it will be acceptable to use either.” But his best pearl is the most heartfelt: “Only propose at the end if you know you can’t possibly live the rest of your life without her. It worked for me.” Awwww.

You can read Sean’s full list of advice to Chris here, then tell us in the comments what you think of Sean’s words of wisdom.

Source: Sean on patheos