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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe: “Bachelor in Paradise Made It Easy to Pass on Marquel as Bachelor”

We can never really know what goes into the decision-making process over at ABC when the execs cast for the lead role on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. The head rose giver has to appeal to a wide range of people, be easy on the eyes, have half a personality, make out on cue, have a certain tolerance for embarrassment — and, according to Marquel Martin, be white.

The Cookie Monster was passed over for the role of rose doler in favor of Chris Soules, and he was so disappointed that he wrote a blog insinuating ABC didn’t greenlight him because he’s black. Now, Season 17’s Bachelor Sean Lowe is getting into the race talk, saying slow your roll Marquel — if you wanted in on The Bachelor, ya shouldn’t have gone to Paradise.

Credit: Marquel on Twitter    

In his blog, Sean writes that “accepting the [Bachelor in] Paradise gig made it really easy for the network to pass on [Marquel] as the Bachelor. Marquel says that he doesn’t think that played a big part in the decision… he’s wrong. That decision was the nail in his coffin...people don’t want the Bachelor to be a part of that trainwreck.”

Sean goes on to say that there may be another reason Marquel wasn’t in serious contention for the role, and that that reason goes by the name of Juan Pablo Galavis. “Normally the show’s execs select a fan favorite from someone who finished in the top three...Marquel was sent home much earlier, had limited screen time, and was more of a gamble. They rolled the dice on the same type of gamble last year and everyone knows how the whole Juan Pablo experiment turned out.”

So basically Marquel was just in a bad spot all around. Because Andi Dorfman friend zoned him, producers did, too. Because he was a player on BiP, he can’t be a player on The Bachelor.

Do you think Sean makes some good points, or did the decision really come down to race? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Sean on patheos