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Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 3, “Jamaican Me Crazy”

The Braxton sisters take a break from their sibling rivalry on the latest episode of Braxton Family Values Season 4. While joining Toni Braxton to Jamaica where she has a performance scheduled, sisters Tamar, Trina, Towanda, and Traci Braxton hit a slight rough patch, but ultimately have tons of fun in the sun and end their stay with a little round of puff-puff-pass!

1. Evelyn tell the girls to take a vacay. It’s been some time since the sisters had their somewhat disastrous therapy session with Dr. Sherry. At lunch, Mama Evelyn calls the girls together for lunch to ask how the session went. Toni, Traci, Towanda, and Trina all say that it was an “eye-opening experience.” However, Tamar feels jilted and says that she felt nothing changed. Mama Ev tells them all it might be good for them to get away and tag along for Toni’s trip to Jamaica.

2. Making trip arrangements. Tamar meets with Vince and tells him that she’s going to take the trip to Jamaica to spend some needed girls’ time with her sisters. Vince tells her that it’s probably a good idea, but Tamar is pretty hesitant because she feels her sisters are cliquish and blame everything on her. Tamar decides to be a team player, but when the sisters arrive in Jamaica, Trina, Traci, Towanda, and Toni are checked into a hotel, while Tamar, Vince, and Mama E are at the Half Moon estate, a 6-bedroom manor with several luxurious amenities.

3. Sisters’ album talk. After getting settled in, the sisters meet to have brunch and talk about Towanda, Trina, and Traci temporarily moving to L.A. to work on their album.Tamar makes the announcement that if all the sisters are to work together, there should be no shade between them, and they all agree to some degree. Toni begins to throw out ideas, saying she’d like for each sister to have a solo song, and a group song to write, while Tamar says that she would prefer to find a producer first and then move forward. The two sisters go back and forth, until Tamar concedes and says they should all do the record Toni’s way. Toni reiterates that she doesn’t want things done her way, but in a way that works for all the sisters.

After their squabbling, the sisters start to work out their schedules to make the record happen, and Toni and Tamar are obviously booked. When Tamar throws out a date, Traci interjects, saying she doesn’t want to work on an album that will be released so close to her solo album’s release date. Tamar tells Traci she shouldn’t release an album without a single, to which Traci responds that she’s already got one. Tamar feels a little left out not having known about it, but Traci brushes it off by saying that Tamar is always so busy. Tamar is slightly offended and eventually leaves the table.

4. Mama Evelyn gives Tamar advice. Much later, Tamar and her mother go for a walk along the beach. Tamar relays the conversation she had with Traci, and says she felt offended by the sisters not taking her advice into consideration. This is when Mama E gives her the lesson that sometimes people don’t want to hear what you have to say, and Tamar should probably learn to keep quiet.

5. Traci goes missing. It’s the night of Toni’s performance and all the sisters gather for the event — with Towanda and Trina on stage to sing backup — except for Traci. No one has been able to get a hold of her the entire day, and the time Toni planned to bring all her sisters on stage draws near. Toni calls her sisters to the stage to join her, but when she calls for Traci, there’s no answer. Luckily, Traci arrives moments later and hits the stage with the rest of her siblings. Later that night, Trina performs one of her singles, “Party or Gome Home”, for the audience with Tamar cheering them on backstage. After a night of performances, Tamar joins Towanda, Trina, and Traci for a nightcap and cracks jokes about her sisters’ routines, telling them that they need to practice and do better next time.

6. Peeing while parasailing. The sisters decide to take a load off the next day and go parasailing sans Toni. While in the boat, the sisters have to couple up for the activity, and when Traci asks Tamar to do the task with her, Tamar opts for Towanda to be her partner. The two ladies go up in the air; however, Tamar lets her fear of heights take over and grows increasingly uncomfortable. When Tamar and Towanda descend, Trina and Traci go up for the thrilling ordeal. When asked if she had a good time, Towanda remarks she would’ve, had Tamar not been so easily scared. Tamar rebuts that she didn’t mean to make Towanda’s experience crummy, and that she was being a team player by going through with it despite her fear of heights.

7. Pass that puff. On their last night in Jamaica, the sisters have dinner with their mom and Vince. Toni laments over the fact that she hadn’t been able to have a little “herbal refreshment,” and Traci surprises the group with a huge joint. They spark it up, and Toni takes a hit. The sisters pass it around, but when Tamar sees Vince, she tells the sisters to hide it and Towanda dips it into a glass of water. Moments later, Toni starts to question how long have the sisters been sitting at the table, and if they’re repeating the same conversation. This is when Tamar, Towanda, and Traci leave Toni and Trina long to handle Toni’s “high” moment.

The sister get together one last time, however, in the backyard of Tamar’s rented estate to try passing the bud around one last time. Tamar’s pretty reluctant to smoke it, but the sisters tell her it’ll be OK. The sisters pass around the puff and blow smoke in one another’s faces until Towanda runs away. Trina and Traci follow, with Tamar saying that she’s going to tell their mom it was all Traci’s fault. Halfway into running towards the house, Toni decides to take a detour and run around the garden with her arms out, laughing.

Despite all the good times, Trina worries that the sisters’ fun will end in Jamaica and wonders if they’ll be able to get it together when it’s time to make their album.

A new episode of Braxton Family Values Season 4 airs Thursday, September 4, at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.

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