Credit: Ben on Instagram    
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Bachelor in Paradise

Is Bachelor in Paradise’s Ben Scott Engaged?

While Ben Scott didn’t find love with anyone on Bachelor in Paradise, it appears he’s found love in a big way back home. The single dad was kicked off the show when Marcus Grodd stumbled across a love letter in his suitcase, which he said was from a girl he started dating just a couple weeks prior to filming. Despite the newness of the relationship at that time, the letter writer dropped the L-bomb and referred to Ben as “babe.”

Once Ben exited stage left, he revealed the scribe as his model girlfriend Lindsay Higgins. But could she be more than just a girlfriend these days? Ben posted a pretty telling photo to Instagram recently with the caption, “From now on, she will be the only girl who will ever get a rose from me.” In it, appropriately, Lindsay is holding a single stem.

Credit: Ben on Instagram    

The only girl who will ever get a rose?! That sounds like he put a ring on it to us. Adding more fuel to our wild speculation fire — Lindsay is conspicuously hiding her left hand in the photo...

Per their social media accounts, the duo are currently traveling together in St. Thomas, which would pretty much be the most romantic place to get engaged. While an exchange of rings seems fast — they’ve only been together a couple months — we’re betting Ben knows he’s never gonna do better than this beauty and is eager to lock her down. And, when you know, you know!

So nice to see two kids in love… congrats guys! If not on an engagement, then on having found your own kind of paradise.

Do you think the photo means they’re engaged? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Ben Scott Instagram