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Teen Mom

Nathan Griffith to Barbara Evans: “Just Because You Have a Vagina, Doesn’t Give You the Right!”

Those of you who watched this week's insanely dramatic episode of Teen Mom 2 know that Nathan Griffith (aka Jenelle Evans's mega-hunk boyfriend and baby daddy) got into a crazy-intense fight with his mother-in-law, Barbara Evans.

Nathan and Babs are always butting heads, but it looks like they still haven't buried the hatchet. In fact, Nathan took to Twitter with a series of angry tweets (all of which have since been deleted), and he has a lot of resentment against both Babs and MTV.

"ANYONE that speaks to another human disrespectfully deserves [to be] reprimanded," Nathan tweeted and subsequently deleted. "Just because you have a vagina doesn't give you the right to talk anyway you please!"

Though Nathan's tweet is slightly harsh (not sure how we feel about that vagina comment...), he has a point. Barbara was definitely instigating, and he has the right to defend himself.

"I walked away three times and every single time that WOMAN had something nasty to say when I wasn't even supposed to be filming that day!" he continued.

"After that scene I called one of the producers and told the I hate filming with her because she tries to pick a fight every time when the cameras are rolling."

We understand where Nathan's coming from, but that "woman" is raising his stepson Jace, and definitely deserves the respect of being listened to! That being said, Babs was slightly hard on Nathan...

Do you agree with Nathan, or are you Team Barbara on this one? Let us know below!