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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise’s Jesse Kovacs: Marcus Grodd Is “Kind of a Weird Dude”

We’ve come to expect name calling from the women of Bachelor in Paradise, but now the men are getting into it thanks to recent Paradise exile, Jesse Kovacs. Now that he’s left Tulum he’s being even more vocal than ever about his castmates — who woulda thought that possible, amiright?

In an interview with New York Observer, Jesse says he didn’t have a ton of time to hang with his housemates because he was so busy getting busy on dates, but that he did gather an impression of one guy in Paradise who rubbed him the wrong way: Marcus Grodd. Of blue eyes Jesse says “He’s kind of a weird dude."

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Jesse doesn’t expound on why he finds Marcus odd, but we’re betting it may have to do with Marcus being a one-woman man, which Jesse made very clear he is not (at the moment — he just got out of a four-year relationship).

Of the coupling that occurred on the show, Jesse admits “It just was very strange to me, and I just went into it open-minded, thinking like, ‘I’m here, and if I happen to meet someone that I’m into, great, but I’m not gonna fake it.’ I’m not going to couple myself up with someone just because that’s the premise of the show.”

In an ITM in Episode 6, Marcus expressed his mutual lack of love for Jesse, saying “Jesse, in one word: Idiot.”

Looks like Jesse’s one member of Bachelor Nation who won’t be invited to the Marcus and Lacy Faddoul wedding — should one happen… Fingers crossed!

What do you think about Jesse’s take on Marcus? Is he on point or just jealous? Tell us in the comments.

Source: New York Observer