Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram    
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Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Looks Just Like Aubree in Childhood Pic! (PHOTO)

Teen Mom 2's resident fashionista, Aubree Houska, has been fortunate enough to inherit good looks and charm from both her parents (actually, she only inherited charm from her mom...), but guys.

Credit: Randy Houska on Twitter    

This adorable little lady is the spitting image of her mother, Chelsea Houska, circa kindergarten. It's slightly spooky how much they look alike, that's all we're saying here.

Please check out this insanely cute picture of Chelsea which her dad Papa Randalicious (aka Randy Houska) posted to Twitter in celebration of Chel’s 23rd birthday. We know what you're thinking: That's not Chelsea, that's Aubree!

No, friends. You're looking at an adorable ‘90s photo of Chelsea rocking blond hair, fluffed bangs, a floral dress, and her daughter's facial expression. These two are total twinsies, so clearly Chelsea's genetics are winning out against her baby daddy, Adam Lind's!

Are you amazed by how much Chelsea and Aubree look alike, or do think she's the spitting image of her infamous father? Take to the comments and let us know!

Either way, we can all agree that Chelsea was downright darling as a little girl. And she had such great style, to boot! No wonder she became an esthetician.