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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Has Kroy Biermann’s Relationship With His Parents Improved Since Don’t Be Tardy?

Kroy Biermann recently revealed that he is no longer in contact with his parents because they expressed their disapproval of his wife, Kim Zolciak, and fans have since been left wondering if there’s any room for change in that situation.

After admitting on a recent episode of Don’t Be Tardy that his folks were less-than-thrilled with the fact that Kim had two daughters from previous relationships when she married their son, Kroy said he had no choice but to cut them out of his life until they could muster up some support from his marriage.

While the show was filmed quite some time ago, Kim reveals to that the situation has not improved better in the intervening time.

“Nothing has changed,” says Kim.

However, despite the still-strained relationship between Kroy and his parents, the NFL star admitted that he and Kim had already tried everything in their power to get his parents to come around.

“[Kim has] done enough to try to fix that problem,” says Kroy. “You’ve got to put some more work back into that f—king relationship on both sides — but if you never do that, it’s over.”

Do you think Kroy should try to mend the relationship with is parents, or is he right to keep his distance?