Jenelle Evans Gets New Birth Control — What Is She on Now?
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Gets New Birth Control — What Is She on Now?

Jenelle Evans has been more than clear that she wants to pop out a veritable litter of love children with her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, but these two aren't quite ready to get busy. Jenelle wants to wait a while longer before trying for another kid, and she recently switched up her birth control!

Die-hard Jenelle fans know that this girl is a huge fan of Implanon, a hormone-releasing rod that's injected into the upper arm. However, it looks like she's made a slight switcheroo in the BC department.

"This is Nexplanon and lasts for 3 years," Jenelle posted to Twitter on September 4 along with a photo of her bandaged arm. "I highly recommend it !"

So, what's Nexplanon? It's basically the exact same thing as Implanon, only you can see it in an X-ray, and it has a much easier insertion procedure. Sounds pretty great, and Jenelle's a huge fan.

"Every girl's body is different," she tweeted. "Some people Nexplanon works for, some it doesn't work. If u heard it didn't work don't get discouraged! Try!"

Jenelle's in school for medical assisting, so we basically consider her a doctor. Which is why we'll end this article with some more of her wisdom: "Remember ladies birth control is VERY important!!! Not only that but regular checkups every 6 months!"