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Bachelor in Paradise

Robert Graham: Why I Didn’t Hook Up With Sarah Herron in the Fantasy Suite

Much has been made of the nothing that happened in the Fantasy Suite between Robert Graham and Sarah Herron on the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise. She wanted fireworks and he wanted a nap. And, according to her, he slept with his jeans on, which added fuel to her “this isn’t working for me” fire. We’ve heard from Chris Harrison and Sarah herself on the matter, now let’s hear from Rob Rob.

The night the finale aired, Robert tweeted, “Jeans to bed?? That definitely didn’t happen.” He repeated the sentiment again during an interview with AfterBuzz, saying “That’s never happened in my entire life.”

Credit: Agustin Murillo/ABC Television Group    

OK, we get it, no jeans were worn during the making of this breakup (says Robert). So why didn’t he and Sarah get it on since there was no wall of denim to stop them? R. Graham insists he was just trying to be a gentleman. “I was hesitant to even go into the Fantasy Suite because I didn’t want to put her in a situation where she was uncomfortable, and I wasn’t quite ready. It wasn’t the right time or place for me yet.”

Some would argue that there’s never going to be a more right time or place than a so-called Fantasy Suite, but we also have to applaud Rob’s old fashioned ways. He and Sarah had only been dating for a couple weeks, and there’s no reason to rush sex just because a private jacuzzi and “his” and “her” robes are staring you in the face.

Robert adds that he was excited to spend the time during the overnight date getting “to know her better, not set up a situation where we might regret the things we did.” Sounds like he ended up regretting the things he didn’t do (at least Sarah did).

The two both live in L.A., so is there a chance to pick up where they left off? He says “We’re still friends, and I still like her a lot,” but according to her they tried to meet up post-Paradise, but their romance fell flat. Sad. We had such high hopes for these two!

What do you think of Robert’s reasons for not coming on too strong in the Fantasy Suite date? Tell us in the comments.

Source: AfterBuzz