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Grumpy Cat Has a Voice! 14 Cranky-Face Celebs (PHOTOS)

The famous Grumpy Cat officially has a human voice in Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza! The To-Do List star will provide voiceovers for the kitty's upcoming Christmas special on Lifetime — and while some of us are skeptical at the pet having any voice other than just straight text and meows, if anyone were to give her an actual human voice, it'd have to be Aubrey.

In honor of this most momentous occasion, let’s step back and remember all the times we — and celebs! — have been just as grumpy as the cat.

Sometimes, you have good reasons to be cranky, like having to go to an event when you want to stay home in your pajamas, or getting dogged by the paparazzi. Other times, the grumpiness just comes out of nowhere — usually the most glorious kind of grumpiness there is.

Take a look through our list of 14 celebrities that probably need a nap. Maybe you’ll feel a little better yourself afterwards!