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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis: Men Are More Logical Than Women (VIDEO)

VH1’s Couples Therapy has made us say something we never thought we would: Poor Juan Pablo Galavis. Until now. Nikki Ferrell has come across as a bit of a diva on the show, but her all-about-me behavior pales in comparison to the bomb the Pabs drops in this clip for the upcoming September 24 episode. In it, JPG inserts his foot in his mouth in a way we’re still having trouble swallowing.

During a group session, when trying to explain why he banned Nikki from attending some of his Vegas club appearances, Juan says it’s better for the Nikster to stay home to avoid her getting jelly of the women fawning over El Bachelor. (It should be noted that this was after an earlier incident of jealousy and miscommunication on both ends.)

But it’s JPG’s rationalization of leaving Nikki at home that’s really the issue. “This is what guys think because we’re different,” he says. “We’re more logical, we’re not that sensitive.” Cue every woman in Therapy mentally slapping him upside the head.

Making a blanket statement about a group of people based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, country of origin, religious affiliation, body type, or whatever subcategory you want to insert here is one of the least logical things you can do. It’s also one of the least helpful in terms of reaching genuine understanding between humans — especially a couple. Not to mention, whether she’s logical or not has nothing to do with whether she should trust you at a club event.

Here’s some friendly advice, Juan: Next time you speak, the logical thing to do is to think about what you’re saying first, and to really examine how the gender stereotypes you’re citing will affect the women in your life — including your daughter. Ees not OK.

Watch the whole exchange here, then tell us in the comments what you think of JPG’s take on gender relations.

Source: VH1