Scott Michael Foster on Chasing Life’s Big Cliffhanger and Greek’s Big Cast Lovefest — Exclusive
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Once Upon a Time

Scott Michael Foster on Chasing Life’s Big Cliffhanger and Greek’s Big Cast Lovefest — Exclusive

Once Upon a Time fans are about to get to know Scott Michael Foster as the fantasy show's take on Frozen's Kristoff, but if you're like us, you've been a fan of the handsome actor since his days as Cappie on Greek. And let’s not forget to mention his swoon-worthy role as Leo on ABC Family's Chasing Life, too!

Wetpaint Entertainment recently chatted with Scott Michael Foster. After dishing to us about Once Upon a Time, he also talked about Chasing Life's huge cliffhanger, which leaves Leo's life in the air, whether or not he still sees his old Greek castmates, and more!

Wetpaint Entertainment: How has fan reaction to the big Chasing Life cliffhanger been?

Scott Michael Foster: Its been a lot of frustration. A lot of people are frustrated about having to wait four months until a Christmas special. And you know, I don't blame them. If I was a viewer I would be a little upset myself. It's one of those things where you're just going to have to wait and see. When I was reading [the scripts] I didn't know what was going to happen, so it was especially intense for myself.

But I think that the show does a really good job of portraying what it's really like to be afflicted with these diseases, and how you are expected to handle your family, how you're expected to handle your friends, and how you're expected to handle yourself. So I think the portrayal is really spot on. A lot of feedback we've been getting online not only is it "how could you leave us with this cliffhanger?" but we also get a lot of really supportive emails from people who are either family members of people who are sick or are sick themselves saying that the show does a really good job of not being over the top and not being silly and it's really real, and that's what we like to hear. So hopefully people won't be too upset about the cliffhanger, and will be glad that it's an accurate portrayal of real life issues.

Yeah, that's a really great part of the show. And ABC Family has really started to distinguish itself by tackling serious issues in a relatable way.

Absolutely. They've been really killing it on shows recently. They've definitely grown a lot since I was there on Greek, and I'm grateful to be a part of it again.

Speaking of Greek, we're big fans here. Do you still keep in touch with the rest of the cast?

Yeah! Yeah, in fact I was just hanging out with Jacob Zachar who played Rusty a few days ago, and Jake McDorman is my neighbor in LA. We live really close to each other so I see him a lot. And I still keep in touch with Amber Stevens, Paul James — everybody, we all stay in touch with each other, and we're all sort of in the same circle of friends. We see some more than others because everyone's busy, which is great. It's like we were all really in college with each other, and then we all left to go live our lives. The benefit of our industry is that unlike leaving college, we all live in the same town. So it's a lot easier to stay in touch with each other!

It's great that you guys actually were good friends, like it seemed on screen.

Yeah! It's rare. I mean there are so many shows and people work so much, and so for you to really have eight people who are all able to stay in touch with each other after working four years together half the time you're best friends, the other half of the time you want to rip each other's throats out because you're working such long hours, but that's what being friends is all about. I think we were all very lucky to have that show, and we were all lucky to have each other.

And just for fun: If you could have a part on any show, past or present, what show would you pick?

I'm a big sci-fi fan, so I would have loved to have been on Battlestar Galactica at least once. I would have loved to and I watched it when it was off the air, too, it would have been impossible, it wasn't like I was able to read for it, I didn't even know about it. But I would have been a viper pilot. Just one line, screaming while I explode or something.

And what about from current shows?

Right now, and this is a hard one to get, but if I could get on Game of Thrones I wouldn't turn that down. And it's so hard because it seems like they only cast British actors, but you know. If I could even get in the room and read I'd be happy.

Catch the Once Upon a Time Season 4 premiere on Sunday, September 28, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and the Chasing Life Christmas special this December.

For more from Scott Michael Foster follow her on Twitter @scottmfoster.

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