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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Hire Armed Guards After Paris Fashion Week Attack

It looks like the attack on Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week has left her and hubby Kanye West fearful for their safety.

After Kim was nearly tackled by a man outside of a fashion show, she and Kanye are amping up their security for the rest of their time in Paris.

TMZ reports that Kim and Kanye are protecting themselves by hiring armored cars to take them around and armed bodyguards to keep future attackers away.

Kim’s attack isn’t the only thing prompting their decision for bulked-up security — the paparazzi have reportedly been extra-aggressive to the celebs during this trip to France.

While Kim and Kanye’s approach to the assault may seem overkill, they are only using the added muscle while overseas and going back to their normal security protocol when they return to the States.

Kim’s almost tackle may have been a frightening experience, but this isn’t the only time the family has beefed up their security in recent months. After Kris Jenner began receiving death and extortion threats, the family reportedly hired additional security to keep the fans, paparazzi, and odd stalker at bay while at home in California, as well.

Do you think Kanye is overreacting to the attack on Kim at Fashion Week, or are his concerns valid? Sound off in the comments!

Source: TMZ