Lesley Murphy Talks Chris Soules’ Bachelor Season: Politics, Travel, and More — Exclusive
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Chris Soules

Lesley Murphy Talks Chris Soules’ Bachelor Season: Politics, Travel, and More — Exclusive

Now that Bachelor Season 19 is officially underway — filming began last week in L.A. — we can start throwing around predictions for what kind of Bachelor Chris Soules will turn out to be. Everyone’s got their opinions, but the only thing that is certain is that there will be some farming involved with this Iowan, and that Midwestern manners are part of the deal.

To help us with our conjectures, Wetpaint Entertainment picked the brain of Bachelor 17 contestant and Catherine Lowe bestie Lesley Murphy. While Les admitted that she doesn’t know how Chris will do, she does say, “He seems like a really sweet guy — but kind of quiet.” No arguments here; we too have been worried about his whole sweet and soft spoken guy thing in the lead role.

What we did get Lesley to weigh in on is Prince Farming’s recent hobnobbing with Republican politicians around Iowa (prior to the official casting announcement), including Texas Governor Rick Perry and 2016 presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz. Since Lesley has worked in politics herself — having campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008 and acted as an executive assistant to Democratic strategist Paul Tewes — she was a little skeptical about bringing them into the Bachelor universe.

Lesley Murphy Talks Chris Soules’ Bachelor Season: Politics, Travel, and More — Exclusive
Credit: Lesley Murphy on Instagram    

“It’s usually very unbiased — it’s not left wing or right wing,” the 27-year-old explained. “When they throw Texas Governor Rick Perry in there, though, that’s pretty much swinging hard right.”

Considering the show will be airing in 2015, a campaign year, this could become a point of conversation during the season — should Chris continue to let his stance be known. Lesley adds, “It’s hard to mix reality show and politics and come out successful.”

Whatever may happen with the Bachelor’s voting preferences, Les, who runs her own travel blog called The Road Les Traveled, has some definite suggestions for where the ABC producers should take the show this season.

“I would love to see them somewhere in South America — they’ve never come to South America before!” she proclaimed. “It would make for great TV because I’ve never seen the landscapes like South America has, it has everything. It would do really well on TV. I think it would be awesome to go to Brazil or Argentina.”

Where she doesn’t want the 25 ladies and Chris to go? Montana, for one, the unpopular spot Lesley visited during Sean Lowe’s season. “I think Montana’s gorgeous and has some pretty cool landscapes, but when Chris [Harrison] came in and was like, ‘Pack your bags we’re going to Montana,’ I think we had to do a take over because everybody was so unexcited.”

Well, at least Chris’ girls have some time to get used to Santa Fe as a destination. Prep your hiking boots and turquoise jewelry!

The Bachelor Season 19 premieres this January on ABC.

Do you agree with Lesley’s opinions on Chris’s forthcoming season? Sound off in the comments below.