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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 2: 10 Burning Questions

In The Vampire DiariesSeason 6, Episode 2 (“Yellow Ledbetter”), we learned that Bamon is stuck in 1994. We saw Alaric’a compulsion make Elena forget loving Damon. And we discovered just how long Stefan’s been playing car mechanic. But the episode brought up a whole host of new questions burning to be answered.

Here are our 10 burning questions from Season 6, Episode 2.

Who is stuck in time with Bamon? The episode ended on a hell of a creepy cliffhanger: Bamon’s realization that they are not alone in whatever purgatory they’re stuck in. Who is with them? Do they mean to do them harm? Or are they just looking for crossword puzzle buddies? Fingers crossed it’s Katherine. (Yep, we’re still holding onto this pipe dream.)

Can Elena’s compulsion be reversed? So, we know that it’s only a matter of time before Damon makes it back to Elena — only to find that she kind of hates him. Is Alaric’s compulsion reversible, as Elena assumed, or will Elena have to fall in love with Damon all over again? Something tells us reversing the compulsion won’t be as simple as Elena assumed.

What is Sarah hiding? We’re seriously intrigued by newbie Sarah. She arrives in town in a stolen car, only to get immediately mauled by Elena. Now, she’s hanging with Jeremy 24/7. Does she remember what happened with Elena? Does she have some kind of ulterior motive for being in Mystic Falls? This whole situation seems fishy.

Is Tripp Matt’s father? We’ve speculated before that community militia leader (and serial killer of vampires) Tripp is Matt’s father. Now that we’ve seen them together, we’re even more curious to discover any hidden connection between these two blue-eyed Mystic Falls men. In last night’s ep, Tripp confided in Matt that he is a Fell. Could Matt be a Fell, too?

How will Caroline react to Enzo’s new mission? We thought it was kind of sweet when Enzo went to yell at Stefan for making Caroline cry (no one should make Caroline cry!). But we doubt our Care Bear would approve of Enzo murdering Ivy, who seemed perfectly nice. We’re dying to see what happens next with this dynamic — specifically, how Caroline will react to the news that Enzo has made torturing Stefan his chief mission in life.

Which side of the supernatural battle will Matt choose? With Mystic Falls a magic-free zone, Matt is even more cut-off from his friends at Whitmore College. It is clear that, in the time that passed between seasons, he has found a new home with the community militia gang. When forced to choose between his new friends and his old, who will Matt choose? Frankly, we would understand him choosing the former.

Can Bamon escape? We may know more about where Bamon is — stuck living the same 1994 day over and over again — but we still have so many questions about the rules of their now-reality. Most importantly: can they escape? We’re guessing the answer to this question is “yes,” but we’re eager to find out how it will work. Because, right now, Bamon is no closer to understanding their new home than they were four months ago.

Why 1994? And, while we’re on the subject, why 1994? This seems a totally random moment in time, but an important question to answer in understanding Bamon’s current predicament. Could it have something to do with the solar eclipse that takes place this day — and now everyday for Bamon? Is this a potential source of power for Bonnie to draw from in doing her magic? Witches love this sort of thing.

Will Caroline and Stefan work things out? Talk about Steroline drama! One of the relationships that has been more-or-less consistent in TVD has been the rock-solid friendship that formed between Caroline and Stefan in Season 2. No matter what’s happening, these two besties can always rely on one another — even if one of them has amnesia. This is the worst we’ve ever seen them, and we’re not sure how we feel about it. Will Caroline and Stefan be able to repair their friendship? Or is this the end of Steroline as we know it?

Which Gilbert sibling is worse? We honestly can’t decide. Sure, we feel sorry for Elena and Jeremy. Nina Dobrev’s crying will always make us feel something. But we’ve had enough of the Gilbert pity-partying when these characters continue to completely neglect the people around them to wallow in their own misery. This may be realistic, but we’re over it. We want to like these characters and, right now, it’s not happening. Alaric’s compulsion of Elena seems to already be helping, but if we have to watch one more scene of Jeremy treating Matt like an annoying landlord, we’ll take back everything nice we ever said about his arms.

What burning questions do you have from “Yellow Ledbetter”? Share your questions and theories in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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